Blog Herald Gets a Response From Scoble

    August 28, 2005

The Blog Herald doesn’t get what I was trying to say: What about free speech Scoble …

Here’s a clue: you want free speech? Get your own blog. Comments are owned by the person who’s blog they are on. They aren’t a place you’re gonna get free speech (although, my policy here is to not delete any comment).

I HATE entitlement. That attitude has gotta go. You don’t have the right to take me down by posting illegal stuff or stuff that’ll get me sued or spam or really anything in my comment area.

Because it’s on my blog I’m responsible for it. It has my name associated with it. So, no, you TOTALLY don’t get what free speech is if you think you should have free and unfettered speech in everyone’s comment area. Get a clue about what free speech is.

Want free speech? Get a blog of your own. That way only you are responsible for your words. If you’re writing on someone’s comment area, though, the standards are (and should be) different.

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