Blog Feedback Settings in Movable Type 3.2

    July 6, 2005

I’ve recently been considering moving my last remaining Movable Type blogs over to WordPress 1.5 – however I think I might hold off a little and see what MT 3.2 turns out like.

They are in talk it up’ mode at the moment at Six Apart but I have to say that some of the new features look helpful. Today Anil talks a little about their Blog Feedback Settings which after the past few weeks of comment spam hell that I’ve had on both my MT and WP blogs look helpful.

The ability to flip a switch and turn off comments and trackbacks all together is something that would be nice to have as a back up – especially when you know you’ll be away from your blogs for a few days (or weeks).

I’m still not convinced about MT 3.2 but am watching with interest. The main thing it has as an advantage over WP in my books is that you can control multiple blogs through one interface. With WP if you want to install a plug in on all your blogs it’s a pretty manual task – especially if you have 15 or so to get through.

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