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    June 6, 2005

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing is a highly innovative blogger and business person.
Fresh marketing concepts are part of his stock in trade.

John is also a strong believer in the power of RSS feeds to deliver information, quickly and conveniently, directly to your desktop or laptop computer.

His latest venture, called Blog Channel features nine different bloggers, all of whom are discussing some aspect of marketing. Their discussions are made available at Blog Channel by, you guessed it, RSS feeds.
It’s a one stop shopping centre for blog RSS feeds.

About the RSS blog channel concept, John writes:

The blogs collectively focus on Small Business Marketing and individually feature posts on PR, Customer Service, Branding, Selling, Business Life, Internet Marketing, Advertising and Innovation. Readers of the blog channel will find some of the greatest small business marketing advice on the planet. (Well, that’s the marketing part coming out but, I do think this spot will be worthy of a bookmark!)

Readers can subscribe to each blog or to the entire channel via RSS. A channel guide can be found at Blog Channel.
Paul Chaney over at Radiant Marketing Group also likes the Blog Channel idea.

In the future, there will be many such collections of blog RSS feeds, based around related topics. The idea can be used for political, sports, business, or science and technology blogs, to name only a few.

The channel technique will work with RSS feeds from theme related traditional websites as well.

In fact, the sky is really the limit, for blogs discussing similar themes, to build united fronts. Setting up related blogs as a package is a marketing technique that will only grow and expand.

In the meantime, click on over to Blog Channel and add a few more RSS feeds to your list.

After all, my RSS feeds need some company on your blog RSS agregator.

Just kidding, of course.


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