Blinkx Tossing MIVA Ads Into Context

    October 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The company formerly known as FindWhat will deliver ads for Blinkx’s Smart Ads Platform.

In what should be a delight to Blinkx users, the company will begin utilizing MIVA’s contextual advertising on its products. The blinkx video search engine and blinkx toolbar will deliver “geo-targeted, content-related paid-listings” to viewers, the two firms announced via a statement today.

The planned advertising platform goes beyond traditional paid ads in search. Search engines need a user to enter keywords or phrases first, and return relevant ads based on those searches. The Blinkx offering will eliminate the need for that initial user action to begin getting ads displayed:

The Smart Ads Platform is unique because it understands the context of a user’s current desktop activity, and leverages that understanding to automatically link users to a relevant ad. This higher level of precision will benefit blinkx users and MIVA advertisers alike, delivering more targeted revenue opportunities to advertisers and a more customized experience for users.

MIVA executive Seb Bishop noted in the statement how the deal will extend his company’s reach into the desktop search space. “Blinkx’s unique method of retrieving information from different sources is a perfect fit with MIVA’s philosophy of allowing our advertisers to reach the right people at the right time, regardless of what they are doing on their computer.”

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