Bill Gates Starts New Company

    October 23, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

It’s been said and feared that once a man stops working he starts dying. But honestly, give me a billion, just one, and you’ll never see me again unless it’s at a margarita bar somewhere beautiful. Not so for Bill Gates, though, recently semi-sorta-retired from Microsoft. He’s starting a new company.
Bill Gates Starts New Company
Don’t get all excited yet; bgC3 LLC is intended to be a small Bill Gates-powered think tank. What will he be thinking about? A trademark classification applies the broad stroke of scientific and technological services, industrial analysis and research, and design and development of computer hardware and software.

Seattle-based TechFlash says the new company will be “a vehicle to coordinate the software mogul’s work on his business and philanthropic endeavors.”

Maybe Gates is going all Bruce-Wayneish on us. If you had all that money wouldn’t you have a bat cave and a cockney butler?

 The name of the company, recently changed over from Carillon Holdings, is meant to stand for Bill Gates Catalyst 3—his third place in the world, after Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Though Gates’ 21st Century endeavor, the logo is full-on 1979, but has a pretty neat optical effect going for it.