BellSouth Rolling Out WiMax In R.E.M.’s Backyard

    June 7, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A test of wireless broadband in select areas of Athens, Georgia, will begin in August, and later extend to Florida.

The telecommunication company announced the service test at Chicago’s SUPERCOMM conference. Called FastAccess Internet Service, signals transmitted from local radio towers go to non-line of sight modems or routers, and back again.

BellSouth will use its pre-existing licensed BRS and WCS radio spectrum to test what will be a pre-WiMax system. The test in Athens will not only provide subscribers with fast wireless Internet service, but students who go to college in Athens and subscribe can maintain their service through the summer break.

By paying a nominal charge, the service can be easily reactivated when classes resume and students return in the fall.

Additional trials have been conducted in Daytona and Palatka, Florida. BellSouth sees the technology as an alternative to traditional wired services that can’t be delivered to rural areas. It can be used in urban areas where a household is not close enough to a phone switch to activate ADSL service.

BellSouth has not yet announced pricing for the service.

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