Become An Organized Disorganizer

    August 25, 2003

From experience I have found that being a good leader is not just about being a good organizer. It’s also about being a good disorganizer. By that I mean learning to throw things out of balance, because that’s the best way to bring about change.

By keeping things off balance we keep people on their toes and we keep our minds alert to expect change. Change stimulates emotion and encourages vision.

After running several businesses I have come to the conclusion that leadership is about emotion not just organization and administration. I am talking about the excitement of pursuing a dream and the excitement of helping staff to develop. Leadership is about caring… caring for your staff, your customers, your product, your service and even your suppliers. It’s about developing something that is fun, exciting and worth doing.

All the better if you push yourself to the front with impatience and the determination to get things done. Shake things up a bit. Be adventurous…try different ways of doing things.

This is a highly competitive, rapidly changing world, so you need to different to be seen. And be results oriented even if it means tackling challenges in a different way. After all, leadership is about emotion, vision and determination with the stimulation of change. I’ve certainly found this to be a recipe for success.

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