Beating The Unbeatable Google

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Topix CEO Rich Skrenta thinks someone out there can compete with Google, and he offered suggestions on how that might happen (hint: think vertically).


Beating The Unbeatable Google
Beating The Unbeatable Google
Who Can Compete with Google?

Choose your poison: Google in search or Google in advertising. If you’ve ever heard of the phrase "Hobson’s choice", picking a competitive ground with Google looks more like no choice at all.

Skrenta thinks differently, even though it was he who suggested Google is the environment a couple of months back. His most recent thoughts on beating Google read more like a primer of why it can’t be done head to head.

"A conventional attack against Google’s search product will fail," Skrenta said. "They are unassailable in their core domain."

Kind of tosses the ‘how to beat Google’ theme out the window straightaway.

"You need both a great product and a strong new brand," he writes. "Both are hard problems."

The shoemaker Nike demonstrated this. Over the years as Phil Knight and company built the brand, it took quite a while before they were confident enough to put the swoosh on their products like hats and shirts without the word ‘Nike’.

So you can’t beat Google on search. You can’t beat them on brand; Google is a dictionary word that to Internet users means search. It’s like traveling in the South and ordering a soda at lunchtime. Everything is a Coke, even if it’s a Sprite or a Mr. Pibb.

Where next? Skrenta suggested the vertical approach without coming out and calling it that:

You need to position your product to sub-segment the market and carve out a new niche. Or better, define an entirely new category. See Ries on how to launch a new brand into a market owned by a competitor. If it can be done in Ketchup or Shampoo, it can be done in search.

Google came about as many people sought to solve a great problem of the rapidly growing Internet with search. Once Google emerged by doing what people wanted – giving them a quality result immediately – most competitors fell by the wayside. Yahoo is the closest and they still trail Google by roughly 20 percent in the US search market.

That’s general web search. Vertical search has become a rising field; witness the heated competition and product launches in the local search segment alone. Healthcare stands out with sites like Kosmix and Healthline delving into quality resources for their search results.

That’s sub-segmenting the market. Skrenta nails the wisdom needed here by observing "The editorial value of search is in the index, not the interface." Google has proven that less is more with a minimalist approach.

Keeping that approach in mind goes along with Skrenta’s later points: users tend to want to type two words in a box, and they aren’t interested in fancy-schmancy "clusters, or tags, or categories, or directory tabs, or pulldowns. Ever."

Beating Google? Probably not going to happen right away. The winners in search will probably be the hyper-focused verticals, which makes sense. When creating an online business, entrepreneurs try to fill a niche. Search should work out the same way.


Beating The Unbeatable Google
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  • Scott M

    I cant believe what im hearing. The opinion that google cant be beat is as myopic as Ive ever heard – We’d still be an english colony if these guys were in charge in 1776. Your experts are weak-minded.

    For simplicities sake, lets set aside the advertising model and just consider the search model – since you stated you couldnt beat them here.

    There are two sides to the ‘search engine’ model – the mechanics that go on behind the scenes(indexing, crawling, searching), and the side you present to consumers(the results). The REAL innovation that google has done has been in the backgro
    und operations. Their presentation to consumers looks IDENTICAL to what digital corp was doing 15 years ago (altavista). Allow me to repeat that so it sinks in. THEIR PRESENTATION LOOKS LIKE DIGITAL CORPORATIONS DID 15 YEARS AGO. There has been no innovation here to speak of – at all. Talk about fertile ground.

    My second point is, exactly what innovation has taken place in the back end? From a potential competitors standpoint, I still get porn/gambling spam when I search for just about anything. So, they may index more pages and search them faster than anyone else – but their index is not any cleaner than anyone elses – perhaps even less clean than yahoo.

    So this leads me to my competitive analysis – due to their presentation, their hands are tied proportional to the number of pages they index. The 1-to-10-list format has never been relevant – and by nature its architecture lends itself to being incorrect, unless the average joe learns boolean arithmetic.

    This also illustrates the fact that businesses that depend solely upon googles search engine placement for their survival are going to be constantly looking for alternative means of visibility – yet another mission statement.

    Another point to consider is that you dont give any time frame for your ‘competitive’ initiative. Google wasnt built overnight – and a competitor wont take them down overnight either. Listen to me – quote me when it becomes reality – They will relinquish their stranglehold, as all companies eventually do.

    How many of these verticals are falling in along exactly the same old lines? No innovation – just context sensitive. You guys should be glad im not in your industry.

    • Craig Hughes


      I am the developer of a multi-search service called fisssh! (http://www.fisssh.com), which takes a unique approach to the ‘presentation’ and ‘collation’ of search results.

      Personally, I feel the future of ‘search’ is strongly tied to the way in which users can search and interface with the masses of new information that is being published on to the web.

    • RAJIV

      There are not only two sides to this subject, many more. That is why we say Google could be beaten. Lets consider aspects what we have not tackled yet. Thats what we are aiming at and would like to join with people like you to succeed.

    • Dane

      You make valid points and the thing that will undo Google, at least over time, is a non-advertising based results system.

      People are tired of all the ads and text based results. (look at Tivo and satellite radio and the success they both have) The only way it will change is if a system is designed to help businesses still get great placement but take out the extra ads that make the system financially viable for companies like google. You also need more than the regular text results and a way of dissecting the content and results so it is easier to get the relevant reuslts you’re looking for. You basically have to start again!

      OddBodd.com is on the verge of accomplishing just that. All membership based and no banner, text or pop up ads.

      It’s in pre-beta right now but they have already got a lot of businesses registered.

      Oh, and the thought of any company never being overtaken is ridiculous. Technology would not be where it is without development. There will always be innovators but someone will always developa skew on what is there to make it more appealing.

  • Peter (IMC)

    Don’t think vertically!

    When you compete vertically you

  • michael_morrison923@hotmail.com

    How about developing vertical search one interest at a time. Log on to www.iPoste.org
    and either search or post a comment on a topic you are most interested in.
    For a practical application of user generated content, post your own video classified.
    Competing and surviving a war or peace with google is an endeavor that must be fought on many beaches….

  • randy frushour

    For the fact that information itself runs front door to all it seems clear to me only in a short time we’ll see them as a mere benchmark for capitalism and the finance world that surrounds Wall St and foreign markets too. But other for wikipedia, who may be all over road but not as all over the map and the strong arm of this 2-party America and its FBI’s seemingly so paranoid of us Americans are firmly partnered and policied with google yet who is already now light years behind Yahoo in both arenas of portal and search reference. Google knows it when they lay their heads down at night.

  • catherine masters


    I found your article very interesting. I would like to start a vertical search engine for women’s sports. Where do I start? I am not a programmer?

    • Robb Morgan


      I would love to help you create a vertical niche. I am a software developer with over 15 years experience in technology. Ten of those years in Internet Technology.

      The thought of creating a search mechanism and showing the Googles and Yahoos of the world a more efficient and effective way – with better presentation – has been a dream of mine long before Google exploded onto the scene.

      When Yahoo own the search market, it was believed that no one else could compete. But along came Google and changed the way it worked. So what’s stopping us from doing the same?

      The only limitation are the ones we place on ourselves.

      – Morgan

      • michaelmfidler@aol.com

        We have a vertical you can work on…
        please send resume with cover to above email.

        Thanks much…

      • Rajiv

        I think you are more like how I think.

        We should able to get more realistic information result from a SEARCH ENGINE. Some thing that can deliver what customers need to see.

        I am more concern on commercial applications. If I am to buy some thing on a a reasonable price, I never get to see correct suppliers. Only those who have either paid for huge campaigns or those who have manupulated so called search engine mechanism to be leaders in the organic structure.

        It is time for us to defeat this structure, may be we should get together and find a way. I may need more people like you and also investors to succeed, hope you are with me.

      • Sebastian

        Hi Morgan…I’m very interested in talking with you…I’m currently developing a new site that needs a search engine…and also an email interface…all hopefully fresh and new…
        Would love to talk with you about this…

  • Freddy

    I believe google needs to develop an online operating system complete with all the essentials for todays world and tomorrows changing environment. Catering to 70% of personal computer users would be a great target, forget the business users as they demand too much power and customization.


  • Paul Fevier

    There are three big wellknown players on the search market (Google,Yahoo,MSN)and that’s it.Yahoo and Microsoft could combine forces..but would it help/ After all, they aren’t very good friends.
    What about the new kids on the block (Youtube and Myspace)? They have made an alliance with Google , or are allready eaten by the Google fish. Yep..search marketing isn’t something like a line company. There you need (lots of) money too, but you got your chance. In the search market , you surely will vanish without a trace after a while. No doubt.
    The fish you got to katch is Tooo big.
    The only way it might work is to combine forces, but even then, it’s a risky undertaking where few people would like to burn there fingers on and there good money.
    But as they say. Never say never. Remember the Roman Empier…and all the others who wanted to conquer the world..Even the strongest wall can fall..

  • Nancy

    I would like to hear your comments about the new Yahoo ad program. As you probably know, there is a class action lawsuit over them showing your bid not matching up to competitors, and hiding the fact that the other bid had a daily budget.

    Now, I cannot even determine how I stack up against ANY competitor.

    I have a near monopoly on “cosmetic teeth” (which I sell at imako.net) and my ad is #11 on Yahoo, while a bunch of dentists, who can only help a local market and do not even sell cosmetic teeth, are ranked much better, so their relevance argument is a crock. It may sound paranoid, but dentists across the country are bidding high on this term in a deliberate attempt to suppress my business, and I imagine their state associations orchestrated it because it happened all of a sudden with Yahoo and Google. For two years I had the top ranking ad position. With Google, I just gave it up. I do get a great organic listing, so why pay?

    BTW, here in the South, we order “Co-Cola” and it does not mean Sprite or Pepsi.


  • Phillip Davis

    Weren’t these the same comments being said just a few years back about Microsoft? They were dominating everything and making inroads into all sorts of markets. It won’t be one big thing that beats Google, but likely many small ones. Think in terms of the fall of Rome. Markets change and shift and as Google gains more mass, they will be less nimble and responsive.

  • Miles Puckett


    • Tak

      that site is competing against google. If you want proof go to youtube.com and search videos for ask.com commercials. There is one called

      google isn’t better, it’s just more popular

      which is totally true.

      • Randy Frushour

        Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wants to beat Google at its winning game.He cites

  • Orville Gregory

    Hi Rich,
    Hope I am the one with the solution to blog X. I’ve always found that one step over the top gets you back at the bottom. So in that comparison, Thinking that Google is their own demise. Let them charge. Let them start charging customers to even do a search. Might even suggest that to them. Thinking here that if you put up a promotion to tie the customer into your search engine for a nice rebate and promotional gift certificates with a contract. Then the incentives will even the playing feild and possibly cause X to overspend to compete.

  • Gary

    A good start would be to make all searches that were performed through my search engines be anonymous and make it a point that it was this way and that Google’s was not.

    Not much but it is something.


  • Andrew Love

    I think that when it comes to my personal website, I rank better with local search terms on Ask.com and Msn.com. When you type in Quad Cities Roofing they access my interior pages, helping people avoid having to click more than two to three times to find what they need. If they continue on their path I think that they are capturing the interior pages of websites better. I think people still like to keep their money local on most items. I think the key is to recognize the position of the computer geographicly when people are entering search terms. If you type in “Siding” the search results shouldn’t come back with content from California. The number one item on the search list should be your local siding company’s website.

  • Al

    The way to compete with Google is to drill down and down into one category. For example let’s say Golf!

    Your search engine would be a Golf search engine and it would break down and categorize everything about Golf. The front page would have a search engine function (that would only search golf related web sites, no false matches or wild goose chases as can happen with Google), and it would also have news headlines about Golf right there in your face, and category breakdowns like all of the famous golfers, stats, individual page links, upcoming tournaments, etc. So that everything golf would be only one or two clicks away for the user.

    You may not be able to outGoogle Google, but you can beat them in ease of use.

  • Rajiv

    Although it is a big challenge, it is possible to be competitive with GOOGLE.

    We are interested in INVESTORS who would like to invest in a similar program. We appreciate very much the way Google Search Engine has helped people to find things quickly but there is a way we could give VALUE FOR MONEY to our customers and advertisers in a equitable manner. High competition will bring in a near perfect marcket situation for all of us to be winners. We intend to bring in Search Engine / Directories criteria together with marketing concepts and complex analysis to succeed.

  • Susan Parr

    Internet marketing and google are still relatively new to me but I think Search Big Daddy has the potential of competing with Google.
    I know people pay a pretty penny to advertise on Google and not everyone can afford to compete.
    Search Big Daddy has an advantage point system and city search engine portals. I haven’t ran across any other city search engine portals but like I said I still relatively new. I can say I do love searching Orlando vs the www.

  • apostle

    A lot of the comments seem to reflect on making money.. Are we interested in ‘search’ or ‘making money’ from search.. cus Google do both well.. Most people are just looking for information… Forget your business.. they are a (very) small part of the internet… sorry folks but we are.. The average Joe just want ‘info’ or ‘answers’ to questions.. That’s what Google did first… then it figured out how to make money from its results.. Search itself has heaps of room for improvement.. but as one person below pointed out, the sponsored results are now driven by cash and not content.. I know how they can be improved.. like get rid of the spam and porn pages to start with.. but NOT if you think about making money first! ~ That’s the primary difference between Microsoft and Google.. Everything from Microsoft costs you money.. Everything from Google is basically free.. They just figured out how to make money from something that is free.. John

  • Chris

    I use Searchalot

    www.searchalot.com I think Google is the government spying on what people are searching for. For example the search phrase “the truth about 911″ would probably make a special red light flash on Bushes desktop!

    • Tak

      I agree. Google seems to well-known and has to many advitisings for someone not to get suspitious. And google is EVERYWHERE, like on www.griswold.ct.k12.us and whenever you misspell an address google is there. It would make sense that the government is really behind the entire thing.

  • pradeep saxena

    Its very easy to beat Google. In fact nobody is sincerely making attempts in that direction because they think google is invincible.
    From the users view point we all know that google is nothing but a very huge collection of garbage and dustbin material, with a very very small percent of genuinely usefull stuff. You search for something and you are returned with tons of waste and then you have to sort out for hours to find something usefull. Not many are fortunate to get what they had been looking for. Google links to anything and everything on net and makes money by dumping the waste for free.
    In fact this huge burden on google is its weakest point. More focused search results with well sorted out quality link pages, human interaction and touch in search results, and helping the user to reach rapidly to his destined search is desperately needed on today’s web. Most of people are tired and frustated of Googles poor quality services and monopoly. There is a desperate need and space for a change.

    • Tak

      You are right. One time I went on google looking for the address for an author, and I ended up going on to a site about buying toasters within the first click.

      Hoowever, I disagree on the competitor thing. ask.com is trying to beat out google, and I’m all for it.

    • RAJIV

      I think you are more like how I think.

      Mainly search engines are for information. When they cannot deliver easy commercial applications, will they ever provide a good service to non paid information.

      We should able to get more realistic information result from a SEARCH ENGINE. Some thing that can deliver what customers need to see.

      I am more concern on commercial applications. If I am to buy some thing on a a reasonable price, I never get to see correct suppliers. Only those who have either paid for huge campaigns or those who have manupulated so called search engine mechanism to be leaders in the organic structure.

      It is time for us to defeat this structure, may be we should get together and find a way. I may need more people like you and also investors to succeed, hope you are with me. I am open to drive this task.

  • Tak

    Hey everyone. I know exactly who is out there trying to defeat google. Why it’s ask.com of course. ask.com is my search engine of choice, and I have even started to devote a site just for it, www.freewebs.com/whereisjeeves is the site. I would love to see some more ask.com supporters out there.


    Did any one thought SEARCH ENGINES will be a great business until it was invented?

    So, don’t think what google is doing is the END OF OUR ROAD. We believe there are better ways to serve community on a WEB SEARCH.

    Do you know how Advertiser pages for Adwords, Pay per click (ation) work? Are they the people giving best service, answer is always NO.

    So, consumer or the genuine seller are not the criteria for WEB SEARCHES, that mean all of us are loosers. Yet, big search engines get richer without producing the correct out put.

    Simply think of a normal WEB PAGE. Will it have a good ranking through Google or Yahoo? If you say, YES, then you have the answer. Tha is what we aim to do. SO, WE CAN DO IN A A BETTER WAY for customers and genuine sellers.

    We are interested in people who are committed to succeed and also who would like to INVEST on this project. Please contact us through David A Utter, author.

    • Michael

      1. KMA!! 2. $12,600.00 in PPC in 2.5 years. Our products as well as site are  always complemented by customers who use our service, for its content as well as appearance. We are the oldest company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for our product and machines and have much repeat business. The machine we use are the best you can find in the USA. Matter of fact, they only make 4-6 a year of this machine and we own 40. Our highest ranking in Google is second page for 3 keyword phrases. Some of the worst companies fill the first and second pages in the natural. 70% of our traffic comes from Google. Most our searchers and business come from PPC. I don’t like it, but its the way it is. At least for now. So again… KMA !!

  • John Towriss

    Its fair to say I have enjoyed making a good living from the internet over the last 8 years promoting various insurance companies and manufactures in the UK. Consumer awarness and confidence in online shopping is beginning to show solid growth and we all understand the important roll Google has played over the years. I would however welcome and support the emergance of any real competitor to Google who would stick to the clean no nonsence Search Engine Model that gave Google its success. The amount of time wasting websites, designed to take advantage of Google,s Adsence program will soon spoil what should be a clean, enjoyable and quality search for relevant information or products. I would love to see Google remove such site’s from any free ranking positions, but fear this will never happen due to the revenue this is producing for all involved. We need a dominent force to come along who will resist the temtation of a google buy out in years to come.
    But is Google the true reflection of the greed of man? Can anyone break that?

  • Spectate Swamp

    One screw up and they are no different from the dogfood manufacturers are today.

    Give them a better product and people will switch.

    • http://www.propdata.co.za Robert

      I fear you have misunderstood just how powerful Google have become. It is their gimmick, their simple setup… their whole package that many depend on. To say that they return bad results, or that they may slip up and it’s over. No Chance!

      It would take something amazing from a competitor to dethrone them. Personally I’m hoping that Ask3D Will progress and do this. For the meantime however, while most folk are searching online I’m afraid they will be googling as that is all they know how/what to do.

  • apostle

    I agree with the post below.. Think about this! I believe Google is wrecking the web! Why? Becaause now we have pages.. millions of them whose sole purpose is to make money.. not provide information to the searcher.. Why is Google still listing porn? It’s real easy to certain words/sites ect.. How many search results in the top 20 are revelant to what you searched for? There are 2 groups of people involved here.. Those who want to make money from the web and those (the large majority) who want information they searched for.. No! I think Google is certainly beatable..

    • randy frushour

      About 1 in 20 are related and even as to the information curve whether the individual returns there in real-time are ahead or naturally so a little unrevised or updated and so behind. Maybe two in 20!

      Put simply somebody’s not at home over at Google it appears. Is it possible that the huge arm of algorithim is going to sweep up the mess all in one approach and surprise us all?

      I have an idea they are sticking to their guns as for intentionally grabing the money and alas just too proud to fare with Yahoo!, Webcrawler, Ask and others who do a service.

    • http://www.direito2.com.br Ruben Zevallos Jr.

      I think Google is beateble… as you said, Google have a lot of trash, but also, it´s results, hurts a lot of other sites… those are good ones, but sometimes had feel "errors", I mean, errors for Google rules… and normally, you´ll know only your web site visits fall from thousands for feel hundreds…

      I think there are market for vertical searches… as the autor saids…

  • azri ahmat

    dont worry get all about google adsense here..

  • Scott

    Its nice to see someone stand-up to Google… www.mapjack.com
    If not we’ll all be eating Taco Bell and living in a Starbucks Condo in 2050.

  • http://wiselifeadvice.com Kathiroly

    If you happen to notice, google’s search are really not that good. Everytime I search for something in google I always end up looking at something I am not looking for.

    So instead of using google search, I look up into well indexed directories for the kind of informations I want. I think Google can be beaten if someone out there can come up with a powerful niche search engine.

    The future of search engine lies in well indexed directories where searching can become as easy as 1 2 3. Would you want to go through all the search result pages? I don’t think I would want to waste my time doing that.

  • http://www.HaircuttingSecrets.com CurlyGirly

    Why fight Google? I feal so many are busy just being jealous of anyone who succeeds, innovates or leads. Bill Gates or Google- give them respect where it belongs.
    Sure, search results need to be made more relevant. However, rather than fighting with budgets which can’t compete with those the giants have- either you:
    1. Innovate and they’ll buy you out for nice sum
    2. Different approach. By this I mean not new algorithm.
    Think: Google or Yahoo or MSN. they all have a market due to a service of use they provide for free. Their email (or other service) users will always see that SE and no other when they return to use their preferred service.

    The answer lies in service.
    Google innovated the best PPC model and this is their core income. This IS their business. Search is the service to attract the market for their advertisers. To go beating them you’ll need to build your market and:
    A. get a huge publisher network showing your search engine not the giant’s one. especially large portals. if they’re not contracted to the SE… they’ll want good compensation NOW, not in 10 years. so you’ll need simultaneously –
    B. a huge advertiser network. They’ll want to see a good reason why they should use your system. they’ll want:
    C. access to loads of targeted visitors. (publisher network & your own URL visitors).

    In my humble opinion, if you want to gain substantial market share from any of the SE, the approach is to provide a better and innovative advertising monetization model. A better PPC with incentive to click, with 100% fraud free, with non-aggressive and a non-intrusive visitor (end-user) experience and where everyone gets something out of it. Where we grow a huge & accurate detailed DB of end-user records (they have good reason to register- you can be sure), where it unclutters websites and yet they can monetize nicely with cleaner look and useful offer. especially hot and attractive for community type sites and huge portals. and much more…

    Important is to remember, that behind search there are services attracting the searcher or visitor.
    Web2.0 trend is to go free services.
    Communities are exploding in growth.
    The new kind of search- local search, if you please, is looking like personal recommendations and bookmarks.
    Better search (and better bookmarking filtering out spam/ ads) will evolve from here. But these communities are the new visitor-glue, the new free service potential.
    But they need good monetization model. otherwise they turn into crap services and junk posting sites.

    My model is targeted for $1B-2B annual PPC gross rev. with 36% net.

    (I have innovated a financial model on these lines and a full bizplan. If you’d like to partner & sponsor beta creation you may reach me via the contact you’ll find on one of my sites: www.HaircuttingSecrets.com/products.html – only serious investors please, with credentials)

    But, sure, the above is not pure search. Search will evolve for ever. Always someone will improve and have his algorithm purchased.
    If your interest is pure public service then do an algorithm. Sell to Google. or donate it…. tomorrow spammers will develop a bypass and you can write another algorithm for cleaner results. and so on….

    Search – whichever best JV – can be integrated into my model. Mine into theirs.

    SE giants want new models to better grab online-ad-market share from Google. From eachother. Mobile, video, services of each kind. the key lies in services. FREE SERVICES. With strong glue factor and incentives. and in monetising with ads. in a better way.
    That’s where the money is.

  • mofamike

    google has this one size fits all approach and in this field they are the best. Others may deliver better results in a very special segment but I believe google is that successful because users only need to use on search engine for everything, having quick results and little to no disturbing links/information/content.
    As far as I can see google’s search technology is superior to all competitors because their thinking is different. They don’t think in robots/spiders and how many pages can be indexed, they think in what do users want. That’s a little but crucial difference that creates such momentum. If you look at Yahoo, MSN, Live or whoever, they still try to follow google but as long as they don’t create an innovation advantage, they will only be the second choice. Anyway what and how google is doing!

  • http://explorenobo.com Nobo

    Who will be the ‘One’ which has the capacity to beat google ?

    Or would it be a strategic formation coming out to give Google a real run ?

  • Richard-san

    Yeah whatever but get this: Google is freakin’ invincible. If you got bad search results, guess what? Use more keywords idiot. Any other search engine is even worse or takes much more time to find relevant pages. In Google, enter it in and you get 10 listings. Better than searching in directories.

    Google can’t be beat!

    Even Gates realizes that.

  • http://www.antts.biz Guitarbug

    Hello from local small business America! I thought google local was great when it first came out. This gave us local small business’s a chance to be in the running with the big fish for free. I own a small local pest control company www.antts.biz and we use to come up in the local seach box for free! Now you have these companies manipulating the google local free system by charging giant monthly fees to put you higher in the free local seach. I got a call from one of these rip off companys and asked how they could get us listed in a city we did not have a office in ? They told me, "All you need to do is know someone who works in a store or just lives in another city or town and we can use that address" Is this wrong or what ? I am so tired of the big companies moving us down the list by means of cheating the system. C.D.

  • http://www.te3p.com/ ?????

    I love Google so much


    thank u,,,,,,

  • http://www.dr-sandy.net Blogging Guide by Sandy

    Google can be beaten all you need is whole new concept.Remember Google are on top because they brough whole new concepts like pagerank.My point is if somebody is able to bring some concepts which can refine the results for relevance then they can be beaten.

    Pagerank can now be manipulated by buying links and there are several pitfalls in their algorithm, so, just focus to fill those holes and beat google.

    Although I confess, bringing new concept is very difficult thing to do.

  • http://directory.te3p.com/ ???? ?????

    thank u……….

  • Brian Kelly

     In terms of what the company ACTUALLY does, Google can not be beat.

    People flock to something because it works.

    In terms of a stock trading at a 32 p/e ratio and insiders selling it like it’s crack.

    That part I’m not real happy about considering your standard "retirement" mutual fund crowd .. you know that silent majority of workers who complete contributions to some fund.. that have no idea what the fund buys or sells…

    Seem to have been the biggest buyers over the past few months.

    An uptick would be nice.. Otherwise somebody better tell schmidt to knock off the building of the palace<g>

  • Brian Kelly

     Oh and for people who think you beat GOOGLE with Content..

    You don’t understand the Internet or the Concept.

    Google is great because of SPEED. The content is what you want on the OTHER end of the line. You want the intermediary to be as minimal as possible.

    So if you think you are going to beat google with some "Content" driven site, you’re banging your head against the wall.

    When you call information, do you want the operator to recite lines of shakespeare prior to giving you the number you seek?


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    My old man at home doesn’t know much about search engine, but he told me that Google can deliver precise results when he search for what he want as compare to Yahoo and MSN. :)

  • http://www.acneskinguide.com/ Acne

    I tend to agree there is one area where Google can be beaten. It revolves around the idea that the bigger the machine, the less control the machine has of their smallest components.

    Just like an elephant can easily trip up on small animals, Google has difficulty delivering the right results when it comes to Local Search and has a difficult time keeping information updated, due to the fact that it used various algos that do not reflect currently quality or factual information for any given product or service.

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    Beat google? Come on…..

  • http://www.seovisions.com/ SEO Company

    Nothing ever stays the same, and like anything else, the coming months and years will dictate how valid any company including Google stays.

    Companies need to stay relevant to stay afloat. Google will need to comtinually revamp it’s game in order to stay afloat, which it has done a decent job at so far.

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    thanks    mr   goooooooooooogle

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    realy from my harts

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    I love Google so much


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    I love Google so much

    thank u,,,,,,


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      stop spam please !

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    Not too sure about the thanks to Google comments but I digress.

    Although I agree with the fact that his article on beating Google really shows just how impossible it is to beat Google, I agree with the comment that nothing stays the same.  There was a time where MySpace was thought to be unbeatable.  Then along came the facebook mailbox spam, and pow – Facebook reigns.

    To be honest, I have many friends in the business of issuing capital, and the two ‘big ones’ as far as requests go right now are hardware tech (mostly for phones/blackberries) and for search engine dev.  Seems a lot of people are trying to secure capital to implement what they believe may one day beat Google.  For the most part, the trend seems to be to take Google’s ‘local search’ to the next level before Google can get their module working properly.

    Its difficult to say, with Google’s unstoppable core, if they will be ‘beaten’ in any near future, but I believe the new SE will be a combination of Portal (yes, they are getting popular again!) / Web 2.0 social network / SE.

    Only time will tell.

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      I must say up front I LOVE Google.’

      Here is why, my two sites are PRIMITIVE, made em myself on Webspawner, a crude, outdated, templete web site builder and host.

      But Google ranks em number one, and number 3 nationally.

      That a little guy like me can run with the megabuck boys shows Google’s fairness.’

      Google sponsors Public Television, and I believe them to be good people.

      I don’t think anyone will beat Google, ever.

      Google ROCKS.

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    The whole point of the simple google interface, in sergey and larry’s own words (I can’t remember which one said it), is to make it possible to find information quickly, not necessarily to make it easy. Fast access to information. That’s why google tossed out IBM db2 for mysql on their adwords generating system.

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    YAY for Google! I think the main reason why Google has become so successful is (among other reasons) the people working there behind the scenes. They seem really creative and.. happy, like they really care about what they’re doing, which obviously helps.

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