Beatbullying Channel Launches On YouTube

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Beatbullying is a UK-based charity that, as its name might lead you to suspect, opposes the practice of bullying.  Now, in light of the events involving MySpace and Megan Meier, the launch of a Beatbullying channel on YouTube seems especially well-timed.

Beatbullying YouTube Channel Various “celebrities” have gotten involved with the project and posted their own videos to start things off.  To be honest, I haven’t heard of most of these people, but they may appeal to a younger generation, and the participation of Patrick Stewart is enough to validate the whole thing in my eyes.

What, then, does the Beatbullying channel aim to do?  Aside from the obvious end goal, it will “showcase everything that is great about anti-bullying work,” and, “[a]longside the celebrities, the channel will feature young people and professionals talking about their experiences of bullying and the bullying prevention work they’ve been doing.”

In the process, it should become a gathering place for bullied children.  As the cynical sort, I can’t help but wonder if bullies won’t view the place as an easy-pickings playground; one or two unsavory individuals have already entered the channel’s “Comments” section.

Nonetheless, the Beatbullying channel on YouTube represents a nice sentiment, and will hopefully make a few children’s lives easier.

Beatbullying Channel Launches On YouTube
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  • http://weeklyvice.blogspot.com Danny Vice

    The naming of Lori Drew has sparked quite a debate indeed. Some major news outlets have chosen to name the perpetrator(s) behind this story such as the New York Times. Some have chosen not to. The mainstream media however has concluded that the blogging community should shoulder the responsibility of first naming the perpetrator behind this story.

    The first question I have in this debate is simple. What is new here? Since before the French Revolution, the media has been used to ‘out’ individuals who’s actions seem to bear public relevancy in some way.

    Although Lori Drew has not yet been charged in the case of Megan Meier, the media has never required formal charges to be made before running a story. In the case of some journalist like Dan Rather, some media outlets run with stories before even confirming that they’re true.

    In this particular case, media outlets that have chosen to withhold Lori Drew’s identity have done so in consideration of other Drew family members.

    I’m wondering if by doing this, the media plans to always withhold the names of interesting persons who outrage the community, if those persons have children. This would certainly be quite a ground-breaking event

    Right at this moment, there is a story of a cop who is under investigation in the strange death of one wife and the disappearance of another. The cop in the story has a family, yet the media huddles outside his home relentlessly.

    I could go back and list thousands of stories where the media wasted no time in delivering the names and occupations of individuals that were later cleared of any wrong-doing. I’ve never heard of another instance where the media apologized for naming names.

    Don Henley’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ certainly applies well to conduct of most major news outlets.

    Lori Drew is a primary subject of the story, she is not a rape victim, and is not a minor. Identifying her breaks no new ground, nor does it deviate from what news outlets do on a daily basis.

    I also remind readers that her name and her role in the Megan Meier tragedy were documented as public record. A public record that Lori filed on her own accord. This is a critically important fact in this debate.

    News outlets, bloggers and the general public were handed Lori’s name and Lori’s own self admissions when she herself filed that police report and sought to elevate the entire situation into the public domain.

    Had Lori Drew simply acknowledged what she did was wrong, and apologized – the police report that identified her may have never been filed, and the entire situation may have well been kept at the lowest profile.

    Will we see the media write about this? Not likely.

    Danny Vice

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