BBC Plans Broadband Broadcasting

    August 29, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Up to seven days of programming from the BBC’s TV channels will be available for download and viewing.

Downloadable programming and simulcasted programs on TV and the Internet – this is the BBC. Or it will be, perhaps as soon as next year, according to BBC News. A BBC executive made the disclosure during the recent Edinburgh Television Festival.

BBC Director General Mark Thompson said in the report that the venerable broadcaster plans to make MyBBCPlayer available for users, which would enable the legal downloading of broadcasts made available online. Also, “an expanding portion” of their archived TV and radio broadcasts will be accessible from the player.

Further, the company plans to include simulcasts of BBC One or BBC Two. But the BBC does not plan to make this service available to fans outside the UK. Whether they can keep it that way is another matter.

In March, an employee of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation uploaded the first episode of the new Doctor Who to the Internet, three weeks before its official broadcast date. The person responsible was identified and fired, but the incident underscores how easily programming can be made available online.

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