BBC Opens News Archive Online

    December 30, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

For a brief time, the BBC will throw open the film vaults online and let UK-based users create mashups of the content.

The BBC wants users to rip, mix, and share their creations derived from the content made available on its website. Nearly 80 video clips of historic events like the Berlin Wall coming down can be used under the terms of its Creative Archive License.

Only users within the United Kingdom are allowed to use the clips, though. The terms of the license appear to match the type of options Creative Commons permits content creators to generate.

After creating a new work from the clips, the BBC wants to see what users have made. They have invited creators to mail a CD or DVD of their creations to them, or to let them know about an online project that has been made.

Based on a timeline published by the BBC, the news clips look like they will be available until sometime in the Spring of 2006. Another project focused on Science and Nature appears to have a launch date in early 2006.

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