Barnett Embedded C Book Arrives In June

    April 20, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Professor & Associate Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology department head Richard Barnett’s “Embedded C Programming And The Atmel AVR” should be available at the beginning of June.

Last summer, aspiring wizards waited anxiously for the arrival of the sixth volume in JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series. This summer, aspiring code wizards have the newest version of Dr. Barnett’s Embedded C Programming And The Atmel AVR hit their summer paperback reading lists.

Dr. Barnett has had his hands on microcontrollers for years, and has taught about embedded programming for the past 18 years at Purdue University; he also has a background in the aerospace electronics industry.

The Atmel AVR platform has served well for students entering the world of microcontroller applications. A description of the title cited the popularity and cost-effectiveness of the Atmel AVR embedded controller as making it ideal for use in a learning environment.

The Atmel AVRs are a family of RISC microcontrollers developed by Norwegian students. Later, semiconductor maker Atmel picked up and tweaked the design.

Dr. Barnett’s book takes the student through the basics of the Atmel AVR RISC platform, then enters a tutorial on embedded C, the book description said. Students experiment with variables and constants, operators and expressions, control statements, pointers and arrays, memory types, preprocessor directives, and real-time methods as they progress.

Miniaturization of devices, like smaller mobile phones and compact computers like the UMPC, has led to greater acceptance by end users, and a corresponding demand for more and better functionality in them.

Such demand increases the value of those who can adeptly program in the embedded environment. Dr. Barnett’s updated title looks like an interesting consideration alongside other works like O’Reilly Publishing’s own work on the subject, Programming Embedded Systems: With C and GNU Development Tools, an update of a 1999 title on the topic of embedded C programming coming out in August 2006.


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