Baidu, Mozilla Sign Browser Deal

    December 7, 2007

In a move that makes it look even more like the Chinese version of Google, Baidu has signed a deal with Mozilla; as a result, all of Baidu’s search functions will be embedded in Chinese versions of Firefox.

FireFox Of course, both sides readily admit that a partial integration was already in place, so Chinese citizens might not notice much of a difference (and Firefox might not gain a drastic amount in terms of market share).  Still, Baidu and Mozilla seem pleased to expand the partnership in a formal matter.

“Back in 2005, the Mozilla Foundation created a nonprofit branch in China – Mozilla’s third international affiliate – in an effort to build stronger ties with the Chinese open source software community,” notes Ryan Paul.  “Mozilla has worked hard during this past year to make its community more global, and China has been a major focus.”

Since the financial details of this new deal remain unknown, it’s hard to quantify that focus.  Still, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have made little progress after funneling lots of resources into China, so this is at least a symbolic victory for Mozilla.

We’ll keep an eye on Baidu’s stock today to see what its supporters make of the arrangement.