Automakers Cry to the Web

    December 8, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Who knew when socialism came to America it would be wearing a Brooks Brothers suit?

Before I complain, I guess I have to say a bailout of the Big 3 seems necessary and suddenly fair. After all, the gov’t (Bush, Bernanke, Paulson) was more than willing to throw money, lots of it, even if we have to print it, no questions asked, no oversight required to their buddies in the banking industry–the same buddies whose greed caused the problem to begin with. The executives at the Big 3 placed their companies at the top of a giant Plinko board and let them fall to zero. In a real free market, they’d fail and be bought by some (likely Japanese) company that had some actual foresight regarding things like, I don’t know, how customers like quality, how you shouldn’t need more than a decade to prove you make quality products again, how in an increasingly costly energy environment it might be a good idea to focus on more fuel-efficient autos. Yet these executives act like they were blindsided and not at fault. And just as they go begging for money from Congress, they launch expensive ad campaigns on TV asking people to contact their legislators.

They’ve also taken their cause to the Web: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, asking people to support them.

Truth is we don’t have a lot of choice but to support these idiots. Not supporting them means lots and lots of American workers and communities suffer, which is why it’s so surprising the gov’t has been so reluctant. Seems like when a bailout could benefit the working class, suddenly socialism is just plain evil instead of being a necessary evil like when corrupt bankers take down the entire planet’s economy. I say let the gray-suit, short-sighted executive class fall into their self-generated greed-holes and learn what it’s like to make a living like the rest of us. I say secure those mortgages from the renegotiated bottom up, suspend property taxes, and let that money trickle up for a change. I say if we’re going socialist–are we really?–then go socialist where it counts, where it was meant to help, amongst the proletariat.

But then again, nobody’s put me in charge of anything, have they?

PS. Might want to actually level the playing field in Asia, especially Japan, where we still can’t export American cars.