Auto Sales Take A Turn For the Better

    April 2, 2005

Auto sales have been disappointing lately to say the least, but last month 1.6 million new cars and trucks were purchased in the U.S.

That is 4.6% more than in the same month last year.

According to a Detroit Free Press article,

Heading into March, auto sales were down 3.6 percent compared to 2004, leading Detroit’s two largest automakers to cut production and causing anxiety on Wall Street and throughout the southeastern Michigan economy, which relies on the auto industry.

So the bounce-back this March signaled the start of a welcome spring selling season.

Leading into March, sales were down at General Motors Corp., Honda Motor Co. and Ford Motor Co. They were up at Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Toyota Motor Corp. and DaimlerChrysler AG’s Auburn Hills-based Chrysler Group.

Toyota’s sales went up 16.7% from a year earlier while Nissan’s increased 16.9%.

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