ASP.NET and IIS Serve More Fortune 1000 Sites Than any Other Web Server Technologies

    June 17, 2005

A new survey of the 2005 Fortune 1000 Web sites reports that Microsoft’s ASP.NET, ASP, and Internet Information Services (IIS) serve the majority of leading U.S. corporate sites.

The Top 1000 Application Servers Survey conducted last month by Port80 Software, a developer of tools for IIS Web servers, was the first to examine application server and scripting engine deployments among the Fortune 1000. Application servers and scripting platforms like Microsoft’s ASP.NET and classic ASP, Java platforms (such as BEA’s WebLogic, IBM’s WebSphere, and Sun’s J2EE and JavaServer Pages), Macromedia’s ColdFusion, and PHP enable dynamic Web sites, e-commerce, and most Internet-based software applications. The Top 1000 Application Servers Survey results from May 2005 Web requests to each 2005 Fortune 1000 company’s main Web site were:

Microsoft platforms (ASP.NET, ASP): 43.6%

Java platforms (J2EE, JSP, WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat): 12.2%

PHP: 5.2%

ColdFusion: 2.7%

Perl: 2.3%

Python (Zope): 0.1%

In addition to the new survey, Port80 Software updated its Top 1000 Web Servers Survey, which analyzes the Web server software used by Fortune 1000 sites. Web servers work in tandem with application servers and scripting environments to deliver Web content. New results from Port80 Software’s updated May 2005 survey of 2005 Fortune 1000 corporate Web server market share were:

Microsoft IIS: 53.7%

Apache: 22.7%

Other Web servers: 12.8%

Netscape Enterprise: 10.8%

Microsoft IIS has led this survey since its inception in 2003 and now claims a 53.7% share of servers hosting the largest public-facing corporate sites. Further inspection of Microsoft’s platform mix shows IIS 6.0 usage has grown significantly to 12.8% of 2005 Fortune 1000 Web servers.

Port80 Software’s Web Server Technology Surveys, methodology, and more results are available at This complimentary research also surveys HTTP compression and cache control technologies used by the Fortune 1000 to accelerate and optimize Web serving.

Port80 Software, Inc. is an innovative developer of software products for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) focused Web site administrators, developers and owners. Port80 products enhance IIS functionality, security, performance, and user experience, augmenting IIS with on-par or better features than those provided by the Apache server. Port80 also develops the w3compiler desktop tool for next generation markup and code optimization. Port80 Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner located in San Diego, CA. Additional information about the company is available on the Internet at