AskCity Strikes Coupon Deal

    September 28, 2007

Paris is called the city of light.  Los Angeles is, of course, the city of angels.  And thanks to a new arrangement with Entertainment Publications, AskCity may become known as the city of coupons.

“We’ve partnered with [Entertainment Publications] to provide their coupons with our AskCity search results,” states an announcement on The Blog.  “Their coupon books are targeted to each city, which made them an ideal match with us.”  A reality check: it’s not like Ask and Entertainment connected over some great distance; the companies both fall under the larger IAC corporate umbrella.

But now that they’re together, consumers stand to benefit.  “More than 150,000 Entertainment coupons — which offer steep discounts of up to 50%-off and high-value ‘Buy-One-Get-One-Free’ offers — are now available through AskCity,” according to a press release.  “In early October, the companies will offer an additional 150,000 coupons to searchers, offering consumers millions of dollars in savings.”

The one drawback about this arrangement is that the coupons will be accessible through what is described as “a free 14-day no-obligation trial of the Entertainment book service.”  With the implication being that, beyond 14 days, there is an obligation.  Entertainment books typically range in price from $25 to $45, so you’ll need to either need to pony up some cash or choose carefully when to check this out.

Either way, you may find that it’s literally a small price to pay for the feature.  Hat tip to Greg Sterling.