Article Submission: How To Benefit Your Blog

    October 24, 2005

Article submissions are a powerful technique for adding additional readers to your blog. Articles also provide powerful inbound links to your blog or website, adding strength in the search engines.

Search engines value incoming links, and articles published by other sites, are given solid credit in the search rankings.

By writing and submitting informative and interesting articles, on your topics of interest, free long term publicity for you and your blog are achieved. Articles have a very long life expectancy on other websites. Website owners are constantly seeking fresh and informative content for their own site visitors. Your articles can provide them the content. In return for the free article, your blog or website receives a return link.

It’s not unusual for a long forgotten article to send brand new visitors to your blog. As the reader of the article discovers you and your ideas, the attached link to your blog included with the writing, sends the visitor to find out more.

The question often arises about where to send articles for publication. While there are many websites that accept articles for free publication, not everyone is aware of the free article sites themselves.

Here is a website that lists many article submission sites, where you can send your columns, posts, and articles. Most of the listed sites are free for some or all of your written submissions. The various listed directories are also categorized so your article can be targeted directly to its intended audience.

Articles are selected, from the article submission sits, by many website owners for inclusion as content on their own websites. When your article is chosen, and placed on another site, there is link right back to your blog.

You gain some of their visitor traffic for your own blog. Because the site using your article is highly likely of the same topic as your blog, the new visitors could become regular readers for you.

You also gain the added link popularity power for your blog in the search engines. Links from sites that discuss the same topics as your blog are given extra link popularity power in the search engines. Google places a strong emphasis on what they consider relevance in linking. Similar themes and topics on both the link sending and receiving pages receive more Google juice. Relevance pays in the search engines.

Everyone wants a little added Google Juice.

As the author of the article, and the blog receiving the links, you and your blog gain in several ways. Your blog gains extra visitor traffic, your blog moves up the search engine rankings, and the articles enhance your reputation as a leader in your industry. You may even land some paying writing jobs, as a result of your free articles, as well.

You and your blog benefit, and the site that publishes your article gains as well. There’s nothing like the proverbial win-win situation for everyone involved.

Now all you have to do is start submitting those great articles today.

And watch those link benefits flow your way.

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