Are The YouTube UFOs You-FOs?

    August 17, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A few videos circulating first on YouTube and a new one now on Daily Motion can make even the staunchest skeptic do a double take. Some have called the videos proof there is intelligent life outside of Earth and that they’re coming to get us; others have called it a hoax, and still others suggest it’s a viral marketing trick.

One week ago, a convincing 22-second video of a dozen crafts getting a closer look at Haiti popped up on YouTube. In the past week, it has been viewed over two million times.

I saw it when it was posted, and though for a split second I thought we really were being invaded, I took note that it was just 22 seconds of footage and news of it appeared no where else – no footage of people screaming in terror? Less than half a minute of the most significant event in human history? – and then decided that in an age of digital imaging and CGI, you just don’t know what’s real anymore, and thought I’d wait and see if little green men appeared at a White House press conference – you know, where they tell "the truth."

And nothing. Which could mean, obviously, government-media cover-up.

Meanwhile, a debate was raging on YouTube. Immediately people started calling it a hoax while others defended it as the real thing, possibly confirming what they’ve been saying all along.

But it does look pretty real:

Eventually, a video popped up with what appears to be a military jet fighter sputtering out so many missiles that the jet itself looks like it’s on fire. The view on that one, though, is obviously studio-produced, unless the video was submitted by the aliens – it’s shot from their point of view. (Maybe they dig YouTube, too?)

Still yet the debate rages, with a few true-believers in the comments sections arguing even the fighter jet is proof, and with several uploaded attempts to debunk the videos as hoaxes. The palm trees were exactly the same, they said.

But don’t all palm trees kinda look alike?

In super slow motion, says a skeptic, you can see that the crafts are exact copies and that all of their lights are pointed toward the camera at the same time.

Maybe they vaporized the camera man? Maybe that’s why it’s just 22 seconds?

Another debunker walks viewers though a demonstration of Vue 6 video editing software to show how it could be done.

Ah! Now we’re on to something. A viral marketing video to promote Vue 6!

If not, I just gave them some collateral advertising.

And just when you thought the hysteria was dying down, the mother ship appears at Daily Motion, a nearly two-minute video this time with a plea for anyone with information to email (wouldn’t do that if I were you, by the way.)

In this video, which honestly isn’t as cherry as the other ones, the mother ship nearly touches down in Los Roques Venezuela. These aliens seem to prefer the Caribbean to Nevada.

And who doesn’t?

We’re going to assume the videos are fakes until we actually see them zipping down I-75, and chalk up the You-FO sightings to someone with a real talent for digital video, or a viral marketing effort for an upcoming movie called "YouTube Is for Suckers."