Apple Tells Microsoft To Stop Running Laptop Hunter Ads

Microsoft has been contacted by Apple's lawyers

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Recently during his Worldwide Partner Conference keynote Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO, informed partners of an interesting development. Apparently Apple has taken notice of Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads… and really don’t like them.

Apple doesn’t like them to the tune of having their lawyers contact Microsoft, telling them stop running the ads.

Below is the section from Kevin Turner’s keynote talking about how Apple isn’t a fan of the new ads:

"And so we’ve been running these PC value ads. Just giving people saying, hey, what are you looking to spend? "Oh, I’m looking to spend less than $1,000." Well we’ll give you $1,000. Go in and look and see what you can buy. And they come out and they just show them. Those are completely unscripted commercials.

And you know why I know they’re working? Because two weeks ago we got a call from the Apple legal department saying, hey — this is a true story — saying, "Hey, you need to stop running those ads, we lowered our prices." They took like $100 off or something. It was the greatest single phone call in the history that I’ve ever taken in business. (Applause.)

I did cartwheels down the hallway. At first I said, "Is this a joke? Who are you?" Not understanding what an opportunity. And so we’re just going to keep running them and running them and running them."

So does Microsoft finally have this advertising thing figured out? Looks like they might be on the right track… finally!

Along with the Laptop Hunter ads, Microsoft is having some viral success with their new Internet Explorer 8 commercials featuring Dean Cain.

How do you like Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads? Tell us what you think.

Apple Tells Microsoft To Stop Running Laptop Hunter Ads
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  • Stan

    I find both the laptop hunter ads as well as the Justin Long Apple ads to be equally as annoying.

    but, if the ads are working for them – more power to them.

  • http://www.trackermo.com Tracker Mo

    It goes to show that some people can dish out, but just can’t take it. Frankly, I’m surprised that MSFT has shown as much restraint in their obvious rebuttal to the endless tirade by Apple… many of which hit FAR below the belt!

    What? Is this what we call Sour Apples?

    A PC Fan…

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I just find it funny that Apple has ran their commercials for years… and as soon as Microsoft essentially begins their “Laptop Hunters” commercials, Apple calls foul.

      Sour apples indeed.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • Daniel

    Why does Apple think Justin Long is cool? The guy playing the Mac is far cooler then he will ever be?

    • Jeremy Muncy

      LOL, good point.
      In that scenario John Hodgman is far “cooler”.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://twitter.com/GlenWoodfin Glen Woodfin

    I’m a PC, but I do cheer for underdog Apple.

    This reminds me of the Cola wars where Coke blinked…only this time Apple blinked.

    This must be the first semi-hip ad campaign Microsoft has ever run, so now I don’t know who to cheer for.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Good comparison to the Cola wars… who would you consider as Pepsi & Coke?

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • Joseph

    Do you think they used a Mac or a PC to make that commercial 😉

    Sorry, I just had to….

    • Guest

      a director. an actor, a sound man, a grip….

  • http://pagerankandlinkjuice.blogspot.com/ auciker

    This commercial is M-I-G-H-T-Y!!

    I’ve had a LOT of mixed feelings in the whole PC/Mac war over the years, but I’ve stayed PC because:

    1. It’s cheaper. I spend 4x LESS on my stuff than I would for a Mac.
    2. I can build my own stuff
    3. I can fix my own stuff
    4. I have WAY more software to choose from
    5. Apple support s-u-c-k-s. Not like MS support is great, but I almost never need them.
    6. As a web developer, unfortunately I NEED Internet Explorer in all of its horrible and evil forms.
    7. I’m currently using Windows 7 and it’s a HUGE leap forward for MS. Windows is actually becoming “elegant” … 0.o


    • http://www.blogspot.com Eric Dominguez

      Good point with the “I can build my own stuff”. Apples aren’t very user friendly in that aspect, sure there plug-in-play but heaven forbid if you want to add more RAM.

      • Guest

        That’s nonsense. Adding RAM on any of the current Macs is significantly easier than any PC I’ve ever seen. All of the memory slots are trap-door accessible in the laptops and iMac, and in the Mac Pro there’s a removable daughter board that takes up to 32GB.

  • Guest

    LOVE THEM!!!

  • NickJR

    If it happened at all (the phone call and the words spoken) it was probably taken out of context for purposes of fitting into this presentation.

    IMHO the Laptop Hunter ads are on par with Apple’s. No better or worse.

  • http://www.EmergencyPower.com Ron Katz

    Once you go Mac you never go back. Can’t be said for a PC. People blowing smoke about PC computers just never used a Mac before.

    Nothing I like more then to hear all the complainers talk about how their PC crashed, they lost this, or that. How they can’t get something to work or have to upgrade again. You just don’t have these problems on a Mac that is worth more then $1000.00 by far.

    Apple builds the computers their operating system runs on. Microsoft TRIES to build the operating system thousands of different systems try and use and fails time and time again.

    Switching to Mac is easy. Heck the stores will even transfer all your files over for you. The learning curve is about an hour! It is just so easy to use and it just works.

    • http://www.ri95.com Joe Brown

      Mac’s have exactly the same issues PCs do…hard drives crash, video goes berserk…I have several in my shop right now. There are lots more PC users – that is why it seems like the PCs have more issues.

      Your comments are so unfair and untrue. Why must people like you do that? The comments have no place here

      If you like Macs – fine..if you like PCs fine…learning curve is far more than an hour for either one and that doesn’t include other software you may wish to use.

      MS has a great ad program cooking.

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    The mac is perfect for a specific task by a none computer interested/literate person in the office environment, desktop publishing for a newspaper or a graphics design company. but when it comes to versatility & multiple usage for many different tasks by somebody that has basic knowledge of how it works you cant beat the pc for operating systems available, interchangeability and availability of spare parts at a price affordable for none corporate use.

    • Guest

      Yeah, that’s why they’re using them (Macs) at the Adler Planetarium to connect with a live satellite feed from the Moon. Maybe it’s because they know they won’t crash during such an important event. Uh huh, Macs are useless.

    • Zaphod

      I deal with guys like you every day. I am an MRP/ERP software engineer consultant. Some of the worlds largest companies are my clients. I love the list of “specific tasks” you mention. Just about half the things businesses need done.

      Add to that what I use my 5-year-old Powerbook for:

      Unix development
      Perl development
      PHP development
      C++ development
      AS/400 and mainframe access and emulation for MRP / ERP development
      POS emulation and development
      Running Apache / PostgreSQL / MySQL / RUBY+Rails / Eclipse
      Oh yeah: Windows programming, too.

      True, most of my clients run Windows networks. So what are these hugely important “business” applications that have to be handled by a PC? Excel, Word, Outlook, and some emulator to the company mainframe. Wow. All that can be done more easily on a Mac, too.

      At one company, their network guy had been telling the marketing department they couldn’t have Mac’s for years because they “couldn’t support them”. He gave me the same warning when I walked in with my Powerbook, but since I was a consultant he couldn’t ban me. He went out of his way to tell his staff not to support me and had a PC put on my desk so I could punch in and out. (They had to come back twice to get it working). He was astounded to come back a half-hour later and see me connected to their servers, working on their mainframes, and retrieving email.

      Unfortunately for him, I was seated right outside the office of the IT director. The director came out and saw me working away and asked me what I had to do to get my Mac running on their network. I said “turn on my computer”. The following week I saw 25 G5’s with 32″ displays being delivered for the marketing department. Other departments were green with envy watching all the Mac users video conferencing with ease, sharing their iTunes music with each other, AND NOT CALLING PC SUPPORT TWICE A DAY!

      OK, I’ll admit that PC’s are better for Gaming. But then again, I have a PS3 for that.

  • http://www.myrecipesblog.com/ Ronald Madrigal

    I’ve used the two of them, windows and mac’s.

    Love Windows!!

    Plus, the ads are right, you pay too much for the Apple brand.

  • http://www.gplus.gr/blog George Katsanos

    Competition is a good thing. Regardless whether Mac or PC is a better product.
    And to be honest? I’m getting so sick of the whole Apple mania the last 3 years. All I see is young female marketing students buying them CAUSE THEY’RE WHITE AND BEAUTIFUL.

  • http://www.agoodread.com Judith Tramayne

    I have owned both a Mac and a PC. I gave the Mac away!

    So making a statement like “If you go Mac, you’ll never go back” is cute but not necessarily true.

    It’s fun to watch both sets of commercials. Do they change my mind about which I’ll own. No.

    I base my buying decision on the ease of use and how many programs are available for my OS.

    Microsoft wins hands down. And my website logs show this applies to others as well.


  • http://www.neutralsystems.com @neusys

    The new MS ads are brilliant. Got to give it to them. I use both. I like both. However, for business I only use one; guess which.

    Follow us on Twitter @neusys

  • Guest

    I found the whole series of commercials amusing, but a bit shady…. They can’t “corporately” say the things that are said in the commercial because there are truth in advertising laws – so they get these naive and uninformed consumers with the notion that as long as it’s the consumer saying it, they can’t get into trouble. Note that none of these consumers are really savvy about computers or what’s inside. For example, they all mention the RAM included, and gush over how much is in their PC – but not one actually considers the real issue… how much RAM is left for your applications AFTER your operating system loads…. WINDOWS is so bloated you NEED twice as much RAM to get near the available RAM for applications that Macs offer out of the box.

    As I said, they are amusing… little kids in a candy store – but when you go to make an expensive purchase – are your really going to take the “expert” advice of these kiddie shoppers with their free, but limited money???


  • Guest

    I’ll start this reply off with this: I respect and appreciate the Mac, having owned more than one of them during my lifetime. I especially appreciate OS X – what a HUGE upgrade from System 7/8/9. Probably saved the Mac platform, at the end of the day.

    But all this stuff about all PCs being rife with errors is simply not true. I have 6 PCs here, all of which have been running XP Professional for 5 years or more. They all boot up, and turn off, without errors every time, and do exactly what I need them to do.

    On my “main” PC, I edit and create movies, store photos, check emails, surf the web, do my finances, and I do it completely worry-free, because it’s never died – not ONCE. Anyone who has a PC that does this obviously doesn’t know how to take care of it – install available updates, keep your directory structure clean, don’t install a bunch of needless software (and remove if if you do!).

    Cannot remember the last time I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete on any of these machines unless it was to get to a login prompt…

  • http://ectrr.com thom

    I love the morons that say “the PC costs less” if you do a five yr comparison the Mac comes out quite a bit cheaper..

    NO anti virus software.. (around $100 saving)
    NO Anti Virus yearly payment (another $30+ saving a year)
    NO Spamware.. $10-50 savings.
    NO Spyware another 10-50 savings
    NO Needed “tech support” (offices running Mac OS almost never have issues once it’s up and running, unless it was done by a PC person)

    Almost never crashes ( I’ve had 3 crashes since OSX came out on 6 computers, each was my own fault playing around to much)

    NO replacing the computer after a year or 2 I have ALL my Macs going back to 040 processors still running and my 2002 Power Mac is still a main unit where a 2007 Laptop PC is already out dated.

    NO memory hog!! A mac laptop runs fine on just 512 memory running OSX 10.5.6 current full install…

    NO issues, no problems, not tech people…

    Do a TRUE cost of ownership for a PC to a mac… list everything (not just the cheap purchase price but everything you buy for it in 5 yrs including software, hardware, tech people.. bla bla bla..) I have… the Macs saved me about 1000 bucks in the course of 5 yrs… anyone telling you different is ..
    1. A tech geek who fixes everything himself ( all the more power to them! but I’m not nor do I want to be)
    2. not including everything involved with owning a computer!!

  • http://www.koyima.com Kostas

    The ad is fine, it didn’t even attack the mac in the same way the Apple ads did/do.

    Sour Apples is what we have here….

    BTW when my Mac using friend was still using 2 year old software because he needs/wants to buy a new mac to be able to use the latest version, but he isn’t comfortable dishing it out again, I told him get a pc, with 1000$ you will be running the latest version and you will have all the power you need or you can wait until you feel comfortable (a simple mac wouldn’t cut it) and by then PC users will be using the next version…

    The app is zbrush, RAM counts there. Oh and with the new Phenom processors on the market I can get the same performance for even less. Plus a couple of extra pcs for rendering. That is multitasking.

    Create on one PC, render on your affordable farm, deliver exceptional quality, don’t break a sweat.

    Even big studios use macs only when required, like in: when Apple bought the software they were using and don’t have plans of publishing on the pc – also known as blackmail. Never ever heard of anybody buying the whole studio iMacs or G5s nor have I ever heard of a Mac Farm, do servers exist that are Macs?

  • Laura Williams

    Ha, Apple will be okay. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t run commercials with PC vs. Mac and talk the pc’s down which are clearly ran by windows! Everything in the commercial is true anyway, it’s not like they’re making a false statement in the Hunter Ads. They’re merely mentioning everything that everyone already knows. (Has no real qualms with actual computers; loves PC and MAC and has both.) Mac just needs to stop dishing out stuff if they can’t handle it.

  • Jack

    Not all PC’s are windows! There are many flavors of Unix that will do everything that either a Mac or Windows OS will do, including all the bells and whistles.

    Most web servers are a version of *nix and run on PC hardware. Isn’t osx actually just another flavor of *nix?

    “There’s a new underdog in town, …and its name is *NIX!”

    …I am a PC.

    • Kostas

      How true, along with the fact that MS is using as much as they can
      from the *nix platform, starting with Vista….and who knows

  • http://www.deep-core.co.uk Guest

    Ok, I’m PC user, and have been so since the days of building my own 486’s and running DOS.

    Do I think Macs are better? Well, I have owned several over the years, and still have one even now, but find that whilst they are good for specific things, they are generally more expensive than PCs.

    Why? I don’t actually know, because now that the Mac has embraced all things Intel, and can even run Windows, there should really be no price premium now for what essentially is now a type of PC. I can only assume we are paying for the ‘Cool’ factor, and the sealed unit that the Mac is.

    Personally I’d rather have a PC, because if something goes wrong there is a pretty good chance I can fix it, which is much less likely with the Mac.

    Although it sounds like I am running the Macs down, I’m not, it’s just you need to have specific requirements to own one.

    And how many businesses have Macs across their desktop and server infrastucture? Not many of the larger companies I’ll bet.

    As for the TCO somebody mentioned earlier, talking about antivirus and spyware etc, you can get this for free or quite cheap for the PC, so it adds little to the cost, especially when most companies go for 3 years rather than 5.

    And I for one wouldn’t run a Mac without AV or Spyware software, because despite OSX being inherently more secure, it still has flaws, and being arrogant about it and stating ‘Macs don’t need it’ is leaving yourself vulnerable.

    Thats my 2 penneth!

    • Guest

      I think they’re stupid ads. Sounds like Microsoft is in trouble again. Viewers of the ads learn nothing about the products that they are buying.

      • Kostas

        I don’t think they are in trouble.

        The girl wants one with a 17″ screen. I ‘m looking through the Apple Store no and I can’t find one with a 17″ screen below 1000$, so I think you should also look.

        Size does matter, a girl has to get what a girl wants to get.

      • Guest

        Of course they sound stupid when you have a complete lack of understanding. I couldn’t run a business using Macs – although I do run 18 web servers using Linux and Apache.

        I recently attempted to help a client using his Mac – it was a nightmare.

        Now, here’s an even better thought… I’ve been running a high-end Dell PC with Windows Vista Business for 2+ years – without a single flaw.

        The solid firewall and antivirus provided by Comodo works flawlessly and so does every other program on the PC.

        I’m tired of the whining… get over it. Macs will never reach the same market penetration as PC’s – ever.

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    I have had a look at my website server reports from dates 18 July 2008 to 18 July 2009.
    Hits from all versions mac osx 103,115
    Hits from all versions windows 1,476,394
    The figures speak for themselves to which type of computer is most used to access the internet and therefore most poplar in use world wide.This is only one website but the difference in hits would suggest that other sites are lightly to give similar results.

    • Kostas


    • vatzcar

      MAC sales figure can never reach the PC sales figure. PCs will be sold hundred times more than MACs. Premium products (all kind of) do not sell in tons.

  • Guest

    Every time I see one of the commercials I think: “Yea; if you only knew. You get what you pay for.” The main point is cheap, and a PC is not, in the long run.

    In truth I’ll bet 90% of the people who say they have used a Mac-n-still-like-a-PC have used a Mac and gotten frustrated with the unfamiliar… At first I thought I’d made a mistake when I switched.

    I used PCs for about 10 years (didn’t know better, and still have to use one at work) and lots of money on software. My needs were actually fairly simple, but I’d buy software thinking this time it’ll do the job. Then buy more software because it didn’t, or I’d find it wasn’t compatible with the other software…

    After lots of research I finally bought a Mac about 5 years ago. I couldn’t believe (after I learned how) it all worked together and did everything with pictures, movies, text, graphics… Not only would it do what I wanted, the software came on the Mac. The only software I’ve bought till this day is Adobe Photoshop.

    If your hard-headed like me, like to play games, or fixing problems, stick with your PC. If you want to get something done, get a Mac.

    BTY A couple months after the warranty expired I had trouble with my first Mac. The bill was more than the original computer cost. Apple fixed it and I was charged nothing. Check “Consumer Reports” and see who’s happy with their computers, service, and tech support. Like me, other people are beginning to see the light.

    I think Mr. Bill Gates abandoned ship (retired) because he knew it was slowly sinking. He has done the world a tremendous disservice by being a great businessman who could sell us poor products.

    • Kostas

      What software does a pc user need to buy? If your needs are fairly simple I don’t see what you need to buy. Photoshop is the same on both platforms, so what is your argument again?

      Anyway, who got in trouble for trying to give a complete package to the end user? You know IE, monopoly and stuff?

  • Guest

    Are you really as stupid as
    you seem? Apple’s lawyers contacted them because the ads claim a MacBook cost more than 1000, and it doesn’t anymore. That is it.

    So now they are running their like $800 computer notebook trash. So the ads can still be run, and no one cares.

    I have used macs and pcs for over 12 years. The macs stay useful years after the pcs are in the trash. So now I buy Apple hardware no matter what OS I plan to install.

    If want to believe Apple hardware is not worth it. You are just remaining ignorant.

    • Guest

      The girl wants one with a 17″ screen. I ‘m looking through the Apple Store no and I can’t find one with a 17″ screen below 1000$, so I think you should also look.

      Size does matter, a girl has to get what a girl wants to get.

    • http://web.me.com/dtomasi David

      Microsoft Laptop Hunter Ads are miss leading. feature for feature dollar for dollar Apple beats PC hands down always have and always will. You have so much more with Apple for less money and they last many years long than PC’s

    • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency collection

      Macs have 1/20th the available software, no wonder you think they last longer.

    • Laughing at YOU

      You call people stupid but fail to realize there are little difference in apple and windows hardware. But your ignorance will allow you to pay ALOT more far identical features. I am an engineer and usually when I see people in my line of work they use boot camp and are running windows 90% of the time if not more. So they paid nearly double fo an apple logo on the box an an os that won’t run ANY standard engineering sofware. I like apple as competetion is what makes capitalism work but until they get off the over priced arrogance train I support Microsoft. PS I typed this on an iPhone 3GS just to prove a point that I don’t hate apple just their arrogance.

  • Mac vs. PC

    The holy wars begin.

  • Also, noobs.

    Antivirus software and anti-spyware software is free.

    The two best programs are still AVAST and Spybot S&D which have always been and always will be free for home users.

    Tech support is mostly outsourced nowadays.

    Macintosh is for snobs, it’s the equivalent of people who buy a Benz, they’re great cars, but you could buy two of basically anything else for the price of a Benz and the snooty hood ornament.

    • vatzcar

      But still people buy Benz, and you can’t stop it :-) . Mac is surely not for PC users, it’s for different class of users/buyers.

    • David

      “Macintosh is for snobs..”? Are you serious? Also comparing it to people who buy a Benz really shows you have no idea of what you’re talking about. People are willing to pay more for quality. That’s the bottom line.

      Ever driven a Benz before? I doubt you’d say you’ll never buy one after driving one. 😉

  • Shocker

    Joe Brown has the best comment/point of all the ones I’ve read hear. Both Mac and PC have their pros and cons.

    One thing that pro Mac users have to admit is that there is more selection with the PC. For the consumer, this is very good.

    What it comes down to is that you have to compare a specific PC laptop model with the comparative Mac model. Comparing Mac and PC just on the platform seems flawed.

    It’s pointless to debate non quantitative points. Who can really evaluate the learning curves of each. I bet Microsoft and Mack would differ on this.

  • http://jcr.net.au Jolly

    I think mac users have this false sense of perfection. Fair enough Macs have reduced instruction sets on the CPU, and in the old days Macs could make files larger then 4gb and ran considerably faster, but those days are gone. NTFS and EXfat has sorted out file size, and CPU with multi-cores and crazy FSB speeds has more then leveled the playing field. I have not seen one real Statistic in this arguement except for the price. Prove to me that MACs can work quicker then a PC (keeping in mind most intensive graphic redering in PC’s is happening via PCI-e NVIDIA graphic cores using CUDA which has killed previous PC rendering and I would love to what MAC has planned to combat this). Then theres that absolute dumb ass arguement that MACs dont need Anti-virus. Well neither does a PC if you have a solid firewall and dont download anything lol..But if you do a FACT search you will see that viruses do exist for MAC and companies do sell products, but I failed to see that mentioned (probally the $80 per year that would of deflated the MAC arguement considerably)..What our MAC buddies have forgotten to mention is the truths about MACs, but have done a reasonable job of describing worst case scenarios PC’s. For 98% of the planet dont need an expensive, Propriety driven platform, in which one part cannot suit all, and alternatives are not an option and this is why PCs will always dominate a constantly outdated market. And my closing comment with Quad cores, crazy FSB, and better GPU’s that are capable of redering 10X quicker then most CPU’s, most software companies are only now just starting make FULL use of the PC and are writing rograms to suit…..I see this as the begiining of the end for MAC..lol..lol..lol..Why pay 3 times as much for MAC (and its AV software which is soon to be free for PC users via MS Morro).

  • cmelton13

    You get what you pay for. Period.

    I’ll gladly shell out a little more cash for a Mac.

    I actually think those PC commercials are funny- when I see one I haven’t seen before, I tell my boyfriend “wait just wait, they’re gonna trash Mac somehow”… and then the snide comment from the ‘totally candid’ shopper comes. It’s illustrative of how one can have a conversation about an issue that is a non-issue for those in the know. Cost is a moot point for superior machinery.

  • Guest

    Most people just don’t know, I didn’t either. Even after I got my first Mac at first I thought I’d made a mistake. After I learned a few things, like it just worked and didn’t send me messages to tell me it was trying to do the task, or that I had a fatal error, or some other nonsense. I get work done on a Mac rather than ‘working on’ the computer.

    The biggest difference is the OS and the way the software which comes on it all works together. I have bought very little software; don’t need it. For the average user, non geek or gamer, a Mac is just what they need to easily handle their pictures, music, movies, email, surf…

    Much of the hardware (guts) are about the same today; if you pay enough for the PC. Still if you look at “Consumer Reports” Mac wins in almost everything. People who have a Mac love them, the other people just don’t know any better.

    I’ve been using Prehistoric, Pretty Crummy, Piece of Crap Computers at work for many years; there is simply no comparison. IMHO

  • I love windows and the money I make

    Please keep using windows. I’m in IT and don’t want to have to triple my client base to stay in business. Oops, I mean multiply it by 10…

  • http://www.seosean.com SEOsean

    Funny stuff, well you know the ads must be working if your competitor is screaming for you to take them down. If I was Windows I’d pump up the volume on it and start running tons of these ads!

  • http://www.sketch3d.co.uk SKETCH3D

    I am a PC user and a Mac user and have passed my exams as a MCSE, having previously been a CAD/IT manager for several Architectural practices over the years I have had a need to support both platforms and associated server software.

    Fact is, by the time you have specified a PC and a MAC to run certain software such as ArchiCAD and Cinema4D you will be paying similar prices for the hardware, slightly more for the MAC once you have purchased MS office etc.

    One office I joined I had to pick up the pieces from their rather expensive server installed by an ‘Expert’ which did consume quite a lot of my time, restarting and never quite reached the expectations of the company. But it worked…

    The next office I joined didn’t have a server (2004) and after quite a bit of research on prices of not just the hardware, but also the server software, client access licenses and mail server they chose an Apple solution with Kerio Mail server. This configuration NEVER crashed. The only restarts being a result of software updates and power downs for moving equipment. This same server hardware is still running now even after I left the company.

    During this time the majority of the computers in the office were Windows PC’s, I gradually switched all the no name PC’s to a well established proprietary brand looking for reliable hardware that I didn’t have to be fixing. Even before the introduction of the MAC server the PC’s struggled to carry out multiple tasks freezing regularly. Often the biggest issue was caused when a user tried to jump straight into their work before the PC has completely finished starting up as it gave the impression it was ready to go. My advice to users was to wait until they see the desk top, then go make a cup of coffee while the PC finishes loading up.

    Later down the line the office needed a powerful PC being able to make the most of Cinema4D. After quite a bit of research and cost comparisons they chose a MAC 8 core Intel. Not only did this eat through the renderings without freezing there was still enough capacity in it to be running other graphic intensive software and VMWARE with windows. When not doing intensive rendering the MAC simply joined the ranks of work station for day to day tasks.

    In the case of my needs RAM, processor power, stability, low support requirements were key for me to be spending less time on IT and more on CAD. For high end machines there is little difference in price. However if all you want is something simple to write a letter and browse the internet then go for something cheap.

  • http://www.dizyn.net Mac & PC user

    I feel that if people are stupid enough to buy a PC over a Mac they’re getting just what the y deserve. I use my PC laptop only as a comparison tool for viewing the websites I create. Other than that my 4 yr old, #2000 Dell laptop is pretty much a piece of crap.

    I remember using a PC years ago and how often the thing crashed and how much info I would lose. Not to mention the numerous times it got bogged down and froze up.

    The hunter ads are false, they say that the macs are all about aesthetics. Gee, is it the lack of aesthetics that cause PCs to have so many problems?

    Sure, I’ll defend a Mac any day but in the end, I’m very happy knowing I have the advantage over PC users :-)

    • Guest

      Nothing against the MAC, but the box really is overpriced. I do not need a MAC box to run the Apple OS and save hundreds. Like most Apple products, including the iPhone and iTouch, Apple could reduce their prices considerably and still make a good profit.

      Love the ads, Microsoft, keep them coming.

    • snt

      No offence, but Mac is for little less intelligent people. You hardly will see any real techies using a Mac. Most of the Mac users are stupid graphic designers and school kids. That is why Mac’s market share down hill even after decades. Again no offence intended.

      • Guest

        what makes a graphic designer stupid? That’s the most ridiculous I have ever heard. Grow up.

      • http://www.mvpvideos.com LRankin

        The Ignorance that some PC users are showing. Now let me preface this by saying that I am a PC user, but I was also an Amiga user and have been watching the MAC market for a while. If you are any type of techie, then you should know that the MAC is a far superior machine to the PC. The Amiga was even better than both of them before the PC’s misleading ads, and their threat against software publishers drove them away from writing apps for the Amiga thus killing a damned good machine. Though I must admit, the Amiga ads were ATROCIOUS!!!
        So here we are again. The stupid misleading ads are about to kill another good machine. Don’t you techies get it…Any machine that is great at graphics and can satisfy the gamers is a PRETTY FAST AND VERSATILE MACHINE!!!!
        The Amiga was using multiprocessors very early in the game. That is why they didn’t need as fast a processor as the PC machines. The operating sytem fit on an 800MB floppy. Not taking up several gigs on a hard drive. Yet is was so powerful that most of you older techies were using Amigas in your favorite game arcades. Weren’t those games fast? The MAC soon followed with their multiprocessors. The PC’s were, technically, a distant 3rd. It was their brilliant marketing and arm twisting of the popular apps publishers that got them into business offices. Only now are you hearing about dual cores and quad cores.
        Now if you Prefer PC’s then stick with them, but don’t let your bias kill the best machine on the market.

  • Mary

    I get sick of my pc too….

  • http://www.sciencelives.com ScienceLives

    This Mac vs PC thing is all a matter of personal preference, there is no one “best” computer. I have used a Mac for years at work, but owned my Dell PC even longer. The touchpad on the Dell works great, so I hadn’t used a mouse at home for many years. Meanwhile, the touchpad on my Mac at work is almost useless, so I have to use a mouse which is annoying if I’m not sitting at my desk. For someone who uses a mouse all the time, that wouldn’t be an issue, but for me it is, so I do prefer the PC. Both the PC and the Mac are slow at times and both have had technical issues, software crashing, hardware wearing out, etc. from time to time. It’s more a matter of looking at exactly what you personally need and what you personally are going to use it for. There is no one best solution for everyone. Marketing is marketing, the two companies will continue to battle it out in their commercials, and that’s fine. But no need to belittle people for their personal preference.

  • John

    how Mac people trash PC users, and PC users trash Mac users; It’s a joke, really. I am an IT Administrator with a BS in Computer Science, and my preference is a PC. I don’t think anyone that likes Macs are stupid, or people that like PCs are geniuses, it’s just a preference. Use what you like, and stop worrying about everyone else’s tastes.

  • http://www.latterkursus.dk/latterkonsulent.htm Latterkonsulent Ejvind

    it’s not fair to discredit your competition in any way. First of all they never can reply without looking either stupid, angry, or some other negative thing.
    Second Microsoft has a track record of making the wrong decisions on just about everything from usabilty to pricing. Apple has been interested in giving the consumer a great experience – and quality costs money. So people that want quality and usabilty could be in a new commercial made by Apple.
    Showing what you’ve got and letting customers decide for themselves is always the best way, and unfortunately that is almost never the case in any sales proces.

  • http://barefoot-seo.blogspot.com Robert

    Um… PC runs an Intel chip… Mac runs an Intel Chip…

    So where’s the difference really?

    Oh… the OS… well. Mac runs Mac… PC runs Windows, Linux… As I see it, the PC offers more options. Most of the complaints vs a PC are really aimed at Microsoft. Which really is something completely different.

    Personally I’ve always preferred and AMD chip – had a bad experience with Intel machines (yes that’s plural) in the past. Do most people need to make full use of their processor – NO! Most use their machines for documents, email and the internet. Do you need a specific machine for that? Nope, I’d go with the cheapest. Because you’re not going to really need more than that. If you do, I’d suggest you build a custom machine to meet your needs – ah, but a PC offers more flexibility there.

    • Guest

      For the record, since 2006 mac has run the Mac OS, the Windows OS, and Linux all natively through bootcamp, their able to do this because, as you pointed out, they have Intel chips too.

    • Christian

      “Oh… the OS… well. Mac runs Mac… PC runs Windows, Linux… As I see it, the PC offers more options. Most of the complaints vs a PC are really aimed at Microsoft. Which really is something completely different.”

      Umm, a Mac runs OS X, Linux, and Windows garbage.

      I’d really like to know what these additional options you speak of actually are.

  • http://www.zygella.com zygella

    You want to buy quality buy APPLE. Need to get things done buy APPLE.

    I had a taste of both worlds APPLE and normal PC.

    For now, I am sticking with apple.

    No ad is going to change my mind.

    I am not saying that PCs are bad, but personally prefer APPLE.

    • http://www.black-ridge.com consaka

      LOL thats funny. I could spend a lot of money for a quality machine that would not run the games and apps I need it to not to mention that fact that any upgrades are tons more expensive then the PC alternative.
      I know a number of people having problems with their macs.
      Not a chance that I would go there. If all you do is run one app all the time and mac happens to have it then there you go, enjoy! You cant beat a PC for flexibility.

  • http://www.mkvconverter.com mkv to dvd

    Yes ,your article is very good

  • http://www.ianhoar.com Ian Hoar

    I own and use both Macs and PC’s. I was a PC user first, and then introduced to a Mac at work. After about 4 years of using a Mac at work, I bought one for home too. I think there is a place for both of them, but I think the Mac is far superior to the average PC. I say average, because if I custom build a PC and tweak it to death I could come up with a pretty kick ass PC, but it would probably cost more than a high end iMac.

    I am sick of building my own computers, and installing loads of software. I am purely a web designer / programmer now, and my Mac just works better than my PC. The Mac isn’t for everyone though, it is more expensive. It’s kind of like buying a car, some people just don’t want a more expensive car or don’t need it, but at the end of the day you can’t deny that a sports car is nicer than a run of the mill car, but they will both get you from point A to point B.

    Some of the comments on this forum are completely crazy though.

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