Apple Accuses RealNetworks of ‘Hacking’ iPod

    July 29, 2004

RealNetwork’s plan to distribute iPod compatible tunes via its online music store has been sharply criticized by Apple. The new Harmony software from RealNetwoks is designed to allow users of their Rhapsody online music service to play music on the iPod and other competing devices.

Apple quickly denounced the move claiming the Harmony program was nothing more than a workaround for their Digital Rights Management technology called Fairplay. According to Apple, RealNetwork’s software displays the “tactics and ethics of a hacker” and issued a warning to users that a future software upgrade will likely block Harmony users from songs on the iPod.

RealNetworks defends the program and claims that they are simply providing customers with more choices for digital music. Apple apparently does not agree and is currently investigating legal recourse under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other laws.

Mike is a manager at iEntry. He has been with iEntry since 2000.