AppExchange Adds eBridge ERP Option

    June 21, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Enterprise Resource Planning Integration Solution provided by eBridge Software joins the 250+ applications at’s AppExchange site.

The eBridge for AppExchange application has joined the assortment of software available from Salesforce through its dedicated on-demand apps website. People interested in trying out the ERP Integration Solution from eBridge can obtain the demo from AppExchange and have it available within Salesforce.

Support for over three-dozen accounting packages from major vendors like Sage, QuickBooks, and Microsoft allows eBridge to deliver accounting information like inventory, customer credit rating, and invoice status.

Information also travels back to the accounting system as the sales team enters sales. The integration provides real-time synchronization between systems. That helps to eliminate the potential for duplicate entries and similar errors.

The application lets the business provide better service to its customers. With one application maintaining up to date information, a business can answer questions on the accounting or sales sides of the operation with the most accurate data available.

For example, when a salesperson designates a transaction in the system as Closed Won, eBridge creates a pending invoice in the accounting system for the customer.

“The success of the AppExchange in distributing and marketing applications provides eBridge a great opportunity to offer additional value to customers,” Cindy Porter, Director of Marketing at eBridge Software, said in a statement.

ERP has long been a resource for sizable corporations, and priced accordingly. The applications available through AppExchange bring those high-powered capabilities to small-to-medium sized businesses, and offer the opportunity to more effectively manage a growing business.


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