AP Hires Firm To Track Online Content

    May 31, 2007

The Associated Press has tapped the Attributor Corporation to monitor and track their online content.

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AP Hires Firm To Track Online Content

Attributor will use its technology to fingerprint AP copy to identify and document where it appears on the Internet.

“Our agreement with Attributor will enable AP to safeguard its investment in creating and distributing news reports, while assuring licensees that unauthorized use will not diminish the value of their licenses,” said AP General Counsel Srinandan Kasi.

“These services are part of the next-generation licensing and enforcement services we plan to provide to our global network of members and subscribers.”

The Attributor platform will initially monitor stories that are most likely to be popular with readers. The AP will be able to follow their content and spot copyright violations.

The AP also sees Attributor being able to provide them with information on what stories receive the most online traffic, which could help create more revenue.

“Attributor aims to bring transparency and accountability to the online content economy. As one of the largest producers and distributors of online content, AP is a perfect first implementation for our highly scalable platform,” said Attributor CEO Jim Brock.

 “In addition to helping publishers of all kinds protect the value of content assets for authorized licensees, we will also help them capture additional editorial and advertising value.”