AOL UK To Launch LLU Broadband

    November 8, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

After nearly a year of speculation, America Online’s rumored launch of broadband service in the UK via local loop unbundling (LLU) is reported to be a reality soon. Yes, I understand I just said nothing.

British online news source The Register reports that AOL is investing in LLU, a process where incumbent local network operators make their cables available to other companies, allowing those other companies to upgrade to DSL service.

AOL is running a trial in London to test the broadcast service, says The Register, placing its first orders with British telecom company BT Group.

Though the details of the offering are being closely guarded, AOL is expected to make the announcement next week.

“We can confirm that we have placed orders for exchanges. A handful of people have just started trialling our LLU service,” said an AOL UK spokesman.