AOL Previews Mail Gadget

    May 18, 2007

AOL is launching a preview of their "AOL Social Mail Gadget" which was created using Microsoft Silverlight technology.

The AOL Social Mail Gadget for Vista gives users one-click access to email, the AIM service, photos and video directly from Windows Vista desktop. The gadget scans a user’s inbox and identifies the top five people they communicate with most frequently.

Users can add or remove individuals on the list and can email or instant message anyone on the list.

"The AOL Social Mail Gadget gives users a new way to keep in touch with everyone on their A-Lists – at home and at work," said Richard Landsman, Senior Vice President, Email Product Development, AOL. 

"This new social interface for Mail offers full AIM, pictures and video integration, and gives users the ability to find out what is happening with their friends and family in a single click."

The gadget also gives users access to photos and videos sent to them from people on their A-List. Users can preview pictures and videos they have received and click on and view them through the gadget.

The AOL Social Mail Gadget preview is available for download now and will soon become available on the company’s beta site.