AOL Mobile Comes Out In UK

    November 21, 2007

AOL’s state of health has come into question several times over the past few months, but as it turns out, the company’s apparently strong enough to take action overseas, and has established a mobile portal in the UK.

AOL Mobile, as it’s called, will attempt to make the often-frustrating tiny-screen Web experience more like the full-size interface most people are used to (with a few added ease-of-use features for good measure).

It sounds interesting, and there’s no reason to believe that AOL won’t follow through on all its promises.  Still, the experience may fall short of being enchanting, and there doesn’t appear to be any reason that users would choose to side with AOL instead of any number of other entities.

“This launch represents AOL building on its extensive Internet experience to bring consumers superior mobile internet,” said Dana Dunne, the CEO of AOL Europe, in a Europe.  “AOL mobile delivers an unrivalled experience which we hope will encourage new waves of consumer to experiment with surfing on the move.”

Well . . . okay.  Nothing against Dunne or even AOL, but we’ll see how many people that can convince.