AOL Begins Blogging Stocks

    April 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A new member of the Weblogs Inc network owned by AOL launched formally launched today; will focus extensively on eight major companies, including its parent firm, Time Warner.

Can AOL find a formula for new blogs that will match the lucrative success of Engadget? How much do blogs figure in your interest when following financial information about a company? Tell us more at SyndicationPro.

Along with Time Warner, BloggingStocks will obsess over Apple, eBay, GE, Google, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, and Yahoo. Today the bloggers plan to live-blog the Microsoft earnings announcement during its webcast after markets close.

Last October, AOL reportedly paid $25 million for Weblogs Inc. The deal brought co-founder and CEO Jason Calacanis into the AOL family. He wrote about BloggingStocks on his personal blog today:

We’ve wanted to do a (finance)-related blog since the day we started Weblogs, Inc.

The AOL Money & Finance team has been dying to get into blogs.

So, we decided to launch the BloggingStocks Network together. Today we launch the top eight most widely held stocks by AOL members (i.e. what they have in their portfolios), and we plan on (launching) a couple more in the coming months.

The financial sector does a lot of online advertising, and it looks like BloggingStocks wants to attract that market as it has technology firms for Engadget and auto makers for Autoblog.

Bloggers for the site have taken a more informal tone than most financial sites do; being a blog, that goes with the territory. One post noted that eBay CEO Meg Whitman may be “really feeling the pinch” from her $20 million pay drop to $10 million for 2005.

We’re betting Whitman is doing just fine, but we’ll look forward to seeing what BloggingStocks has to say about her in the future too.


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