Another Yahoo Exec Slips Out

    April 8, 2008

Imagine that you’re watching one or two boulders rolling down a hill; in this scenario, you’d actually pay attention to the individual rocks.  But if enough stones started to tumble, you’d become interested in the landslide as a whole, and that’s more or less where the departure of Elizabeth Harz from Yahoo comes in.

Yahoo Exec Vacates
 Elizabeth Harz Leaving Yahoo

Harz served as a vice president of category strategy at Yahoo, and will now act as senior vice president of global ad sales at Electronic Arts.  Jackson West interprets, "[S]he was most recently in charge of poring over marketing data – the kind of background that will be invaluable to EA as the company develops advertising strategies for casual games on sites like and mobile devices."

What’s really notable, though, is just how many other people have left Yahoo in the recent past.  For the sake of not turning this entire paragraph blue, we’ll not list them all with links, but there have definitely been a number of departures, several of which occurred at executive levels.

For a time, each departure came with a "was-it-a-layoff-or-did-the-person-quit" question, but it now seems that people are fleeing entirely of their own accord.  Jerry Yang appears to be losing options every week in regards to Microsoft’s would-be acquisition.  And, for whatever it’s worth given the current economy, Yahoo’s stock is down $0.86 since last Monday’s opening bell.

Anyone want to set odds that the words "look out below" will show up in a Yahoo press release?