Android Continues To Make Inroads

    November 23, 2009

Google’s Android is growing like a weed.  Perhaps even a weed that’s been fertilized and watered as if it was a desirable flower.  A new report from AdMob lays out some impressive usage statistics and hints that there’s much more to come.

Here are two eye-opening stats of a somewhat broad-spectrum nature: "Worldwide requests from Android devices increased 5.8 times since April 2009."  Also, "In the US, Android has 20% share of smartphone traffic, up from 7% six months before . . ."

That’s quite interesting, considering what a stranglehold iPhone, Symbian, and RIM seemed to have on the market before Android launched.

Then here’s the really remarkable part: the AdMob report stated, "[T]he Motorola Droid launched on November 6 with a big marketing push from Verizon and two weeks after launch it already represented 24% of all Android requests in AdMob’s network worldwide."  (Note: the graph visible above uses data from before the Droid’s release.)

If the Droid can continue to attract users at that sort of pace – and/or if future Android phones generate so much excitement – Android’s market share is likely to become much larger very soon.

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