Americans Stay Healthy Searching Online

    August 14, 2007

Seventy percent of adults in the U.S. use the Internet as their main source for medical and health information according to a study done by Harris Interactive and commissioned by

The study found that the Internet was a more popular resource for health information than traditional media such as newspapers /magazines (30%), television (26%) and books (25%).

Along with this research, has introduced Health Smart Answers that help people find health and medical information. Smart Answers are search results placed at the top of the results page that offer editorially- selected information and links to content.

The study also found that 73 percent of adults want to be more informed about their personal health along with the well being of friends and family. Two-thirds of Americans search to find information to help them diagnose or better understand a condition, and over half say they do the same for friends and family (55%).

"With so many Americans looking for health information online, it is critical that search engines make it easy for people to get reliable and accurate information," said Doug Leeds, vice president of product management at

"Our new Health Smart Answers provide quick access to trusted information searchers are looking for, right at the top of the search results page. While other search engines require people to ‘hunt and peck’ through an ocean of web links, makes it easy to find the best information quickly."