Americans’ Trust Of News Media At New Low

Accuracy questioned

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Americans’ perception of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades, according to a new report from Pew Research.

Just 29 percent of Americans say that news organizations generally get the facts right, while 63 percent say that news stories are often inaccurate. In the initial survey by Pew about the news media performance in 1985, 55 percent said news stories were accurate while 34 percent said they were inaccurate.

Fewer See Accuracy, Fairness in Press

In addition, only 26 percent now say that news organizations are careful that their reporting is not politically biased, compared with 60 percent who say news organizations are politically biased.

Pew found that television remains the dominant news source for the public, with 71 percent saying they get most of their national and international news from TV, while 42 say they get most of their news on these subjects from the Internet, compared with 33 percent who cite newspapers.

However, online news lags behind newspapers as a source for news about local issues with 41 percent citing newspapers compared to 17 percent who rely on the Internet for their local news.

Origins of your National and International News

The majority (82%) of Americans say that if all local television news programs went off the air and shut down their websites it would be an important loss. About three-quarters say the same about the network evening news and cable news networks. Slightly fewer people (68%) say that it would be a major loss if large national newspapers were to stop publishing and go offline.

Americans’ Trust Of News Media At New Low
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  • Guest

    “News” and “Media” in the same sentence! hahahahahaha

    Just one example of where “news” has gone:

    It’s now a joke, a form of entertainment, an abuse, a way to divide “we the people” and keep our minds off of the REAL ISSUES.

    We’re so conditioned to think we can trust and believe what the “news” stations tell us, that we completely missed the transition when they began giving us their “opinions”, rather than fact.

    I would be THRILLED if the “news” on mainstream media went away completely and people started liking each other again, rather than choosing sides over fabrications, exaggerations, outright lies and remedial name-calling.

    I stopped watching TV a year ago, forcing myself to investigate ACTUAL FACTS and feel soooooo much happier!

  • http://greatwebstrategies.com Great Web Strategies

    I find this very easy to believe. While publishing online has yet to get quite the same level of trust that ancient/old media once had…it’s a far cry easier to believe a credible independent blogger than a traditional news outlet these days. The old news media has to get everything approved through an editorial staff, etc…which most people understand. And to make things worse most have some pretty clear political leanings that they often try to minimize in their attempt to be ‘fair and _fill in the blank_’ This editorial filtering and political bending is true on both sides of the fence at different media outlets.

    At least with bloggers and other online publishers, in most cases, it’s just someone spilling their gut & speaking their peace…and not having to pander to their big sponsors or political alliances.

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