AMD Officially Announces Mobile Processor Turion

    January 11, 2005

Looking to compete Intel’s Pentium-M mobile chip, AMD has introduced its Turion processor, a 64-bit chip designed for mobile-based technologies.

The Turion chip is expected to be available during the first part of 2005. According to Tom’s Hardware Guide, the Turion processor is comparable to Intel’s Centrino line in terms of performance.

“AMD has steadily been growing its presence in the notebook market against Intel in the past years. The company currently offers a solid product line with four different chips – the Mobile Athlon 64, the Athlon 64 for Notebooks, the Mobile Sempron and the Mobile Athlon XP-M – targeting mainly the desktop replacement segment (DTR). A chip clearly aimed at mobility and power saving features to compete against Intel’s Pentium-M chip and Centrino platform however has been a no-show in the firm’s processor family so far.”

Not to be outdone, Intel is expected to release it’s next generation of Centrino processors, boasting faster speeds and a new, wireless chipset later this year.

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