Al Gore’s Current TV Coming Back To Net

    October 12, 2007

Current TV is getting set for a relaunch of its web site that is scheduled to take place on October 16.

According to NewTeeVee Current will losing the TV and will be called Current. Recent Nobel Peace Prize winner and backer of the company Al Gore has been promoting and said the relaunch will take interactivity to a new level.

The new will encourage users to submit stories, videos and links as well allow users to submit their own articles, link to outside sources and their own video opinions.

Users will be able to vote for stories or videos but will not be able to see the number of votes for a particular story but instead will see a percentage of up and down votes. Users can also references videos and paste the link into the comment field.

Current will also offer users a "Viewpoints" area where users can record their video opinions on topics ranging from climate change to stem cells or Iraq. Current appears to be offering more social features and allowing users to connect with others with similar tastes. These new features will help the site compete with the likes of YouTube and Joost and set itself apart from the many other social news oriented sites.