Airbus Unveils A380 in France

    January 18, 2005

Airbus held a ceremony to unveil the first A380 superjumbo jet today in Toulouse, France.

The aircraft which holds 555 seats, weighs 4-5% less than the 245 ton target that was planned.

“We can match all the performance guarantees we’ve made to airlines,” said Airbus COO, Gustav Humbert. “We had a problem with weight…” which was resolved with lighter materials, “we are certain that we won’t have to pay any penalties.”

“In the competition with Boeing, Airbus has the upper hand,” said Davide Sciannimonaco of Societe Generale “We can surely expect a counteroffensive from Boeing, maybe adjusting the price of its planes.”

Accroding to a article, “Airbus is introducing the A380 to guard a lead over Chicago- based Boeing Co. in the $50 billion-a-year market for airliners seating more than 100. The model’s 12 billion-euro ($16 billion) development cost is about 15 percent more than budgeted as the Toulouse-based planemaker struggled meet weight guarantees to airline customers and test-flight deadlines.”

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