Affiliate Super Promotion: Making Huge Sales in No Time

    June 23, 2004

Back in February I put together an affiliate promotion and sold over $5,000 in products.

It took me a total of three days.

I’m not bragging–in fact many have done much better–but I wanted to let you see what is possible and give you the inside scoop on how I did it and how anyone can use the same techniques to put together their own super-promotions as an affiliate.

Over the next several weeks I am going to give you exactly, step-by-step, how a super-promotion begins and how to make it profitable for you. Specifically this series will teach you:

1. How to plan your own super promotion–even if you don’t have a list of targeted buyers yet.

2. Exactly how to get people who buy to give you their contact information so you can follow-up with them again and again.

3. How to put together the whole thing on a shoe-string and end up cashing in with a solid profit. 4. What to do to follow-up your promotion to provide an ongoing affiliate income.

In this article I will focus on a little background for the promotion I did and how I was able to put it together.

In January 2004 Marlon Sanders was trying to rev up his affiliates. He put together a mail out and encouraged all of us to sell his products.

In that mailer he “called me out” to duplicate the success I had with him several months before.

[Way back in 2002 I did a mailing for one of Marlon’s products. I made 30 sales at $100 a piece and grabbed a nice check for around $1,500–plus another $300 in bonuses.]

Well, after I read his challenge, I decided to do it. I sat down, looked at what was possible and decided to try to sell as many of his “Dashboard” product as I could.

I took a look at the product–which was excellent–and tried to determine the best way to promote it, estimating how many I could reasonably sell.

Now, let me break with the narrative for just a second to tell you what I am looking for in any promotion I put together.

Basically, for a promotion to work for me, I have four goals, in priority order:

1. I want to build my list

2. I want to build my credibility

3. I want to generate a reasonable profit based on the money and time invested

4. I want to create an ongoing income from the promotion

Looking at the possibilities with Marlon’s product, I determined a way to make sure I could accomplish all four. I will detail the exact plan in my next article.

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