Affiliate Marketers Can Recommend a Site Without a Link

    February 19, 2007

I just read over on Sam Harrelson’s CostPerNews that Jim Kukral will be taking a little bit of a breather on Blogkits.

He will still be running it, but no longer on the payroll of Forge Corporation.

This has given Jim some free time to undertake some consulting work and have a little fun with the community that is growing around BUMPzee.

Before you state the obvious, it is YAPAS (Yet Another Pixel Ads Site)

The differences are:-

* This one is highly niche specific
* All the money is going to charity
* The ads are actually very cheap
* Jim Kukral is likely to drive a lot of targeted traffic to the site

Prime Real Estate

Prime Real Estate is important in Pixel Advertising, as is getting in early.

I have just picked up what I consider a perfectly positioned (and sized) ad right in the sweet spot.

Affiliate Marketing Friends

The picture above is from the preview, I am not sure if my picture has been approved yet. When you select a block to purchase, you can change the number of horizontal and vertical blocks to purchase, so instead of costing $10 this 22 cost me $40.

All the money is going to charity so give a try.

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