AD:TECH – 3 Laws Of Ad Landing Pages

    May 26, 2004

Michael Grover is the Director of Marketing for CMP Media. He gave a pithy presentation on ad landing pages, and reminded us of a recent Marketing Sherpa finding – optimized landing pages can increase your sales or desired actions by 400%. He flashed a six foot high “400%” on the projection screen to emphasize this point.

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Landing Pages: Pointing Your Visitors in the Right Direction...
Landing Pages: Pointing Your Visitors in the Right Direction…

And then he launched into his three laws.

The first and foremost law is that your landing page is a part of your ad. You must consider them as one entity, “one being,” as he put it.

Another important aspect of the first law is that you must strip out extraneous links on your landing page. Keep look and feel similar to the ad you sent originally though.

So determine the path you want people to take, walk them down that path, optimize that path, and make sure you put other offers on later pages.

His second law is that not all clicks are the same. You need to cookie your visitors so that you can track their activity on your site, and present specific pages to people who have already done specific actions.

His third law is that you must be a lead farmer, rather than a hunter. Find a publication you like and hire them to build content that will serve your potential leads. In that way you can grow your own audience.

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