Ads Becoming Massive Presence In Games

    July 25, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

New York-based Massive Inc., a provider of the first video game network, can deliver in-game ads with full video and sound.

Funcom title Anarchy Online has become the first online game to feature the new advertising technology, with Panasonic and UK broadcaster Channel 4 becoming the first firms being advertised there.

Massive’s ad technology comes into play when players enter certain in-game areas, the company said in a press release. The ads can take the form of 15-second TV-like displays as well as audio messaging.

Game developers select the locations for the ads, generally items like billboards or TV screens. The ads do not interfere with game functionality or increase bandwidth usage. Massive cites ad participation from a variety of firms, like Coca-Cola, Best Buy, and the Sci-Fi Channel.

The firm notes research from Nielsen Entertainment that shows the always-desired male 18-34 demographic spends 12.5 hours per week on videogames, and less than 10 watching TV. Massive also cites the NPD Group as noting the same age group spends nearly 42 hours playing a game they purchase.

The dynamic nature of the technology lends itself to advertising upcoming media events, like a movie’s opening date or a CD release from a hot artist. Massive can deliver daily reports on 15-second impressions to advertisers, which allows for on-the-fly campaign updates.

“Delivering dynamic, video and audio creative to the gaming audience represents a true milestone in the evolution of video games as an advertising medium,” Mitch Davis, CEO of Massive, said in a statement.

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