AdWords More Competitive, AdSense Publishers Could Earn More

Ad Networks to Compete for AdSense Inventory

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Google announced plans to give AdSense publishers a new way to generate revenue by allowing multiple Google-certified ad networks to compete for display ad space on their sites. This means that AdWords advertisers may end up having to pay more competitively, while AdSense publishers could reap the benefits.

What do you think of this idea? Comment here. Google explains the concept in the following video:

"You may remember that we began to accept display ads served from qualified third-party vendors over a year ago, which helped increase the number of display ads competing on AdSense publisher sites," says Google Business Product Manager Sean Harvey. "With this new change, participating ad networks can also bid in our auction to appear on AdSense sites. This new capability will help you generate the most profit for every ad that appears on your site, whether the ads come from AdWords advertisers or Google-certified ad networks."

The networks themselves are ad agencies and companies that partner with advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ads on sites they don’t own. AdSense publishers will now be able to allow advertisers from these networks to compete directly with AdWords advertisers for their ad space. The ad networks:

- Connect advertisers with publishers

– Provide access to additional inventory not currently available with AdWords

– Adhere to Google’s standards for user privacy, ad quality and speed

Reporting and payments will still run through AdSense as always, and available ad formats will remain the same as they have been for AdWords. Publishers will still have control over which networks can show ads on their pages, and they can choose to opt out of receiving ads from specific networks, or all networks.

Allow and Block ad networks

Right now, the feature is only available to publishers in North America and Europe, but Google plans to rolling out to more places in the future.

What do you think about Google increasing competition by allowing ad networks in AdWords? Share your thoughts.

AdWords More Competitive, AdSense Publishers Could Earn More
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  • http://4solarpower.net Bob

    Good news for publishers in that it could improve rates, but not so good for Adwords users I suspect.

    • http://www.yourbackpaincure.com/ thomas nicholson

      yea, i agree!

  • http://www.laokay.com Steve

    With all the “name your own price” going around, like with oh, Priceline, or even now Progressive Insurance, when is there going to be a name your own price for advertising?

  • http://www.bikeshopcastlehill.com.au Home Solar Power Systems

    Smart one for the publishers, through which they can increase their rates.

  • http://www.udjuni.com Simon

    I am sure google has a way to please their advertisers. Adwords is a big deal for google, it is what feeds adsense.

  • http://www.searchen.com John Colascione

    What I would really like to know is whether this is going to effect both image and text ads or just image ads… I understand that showing one image to the next probably wont disturb anyone and it would be wise for publishers to opt in for this, but what about publishers who have used text ads to blend into their pages. Will new advertisers from alternative networks appear in the text only version of Google ads, or is this just for display advertising like the Google /Doubleclick blend we already see.

  • http://queengems.ecrater.com sunnyshine

    As publisher, I like it as I will see more various ad on my website and move income. If the website has the high traffic, the revenue from Adsense should be up because there are more people to bid the ad area on the website.

  • http://www.contemposuits.com/fedora-hats.html Fedora Hats

    To me as a e-tailer, bidding for PPC clicks is a major turn off which is why I prefer to have my site with SEO. You can go through a ton of money with a bunch of clicks that yield you a big goose egg.

    • http://twitter.com/LarryWentz Larry Wentz

      The key with PPC is to test – stop doing what doesn’t work & keep doing what does work. Don’t throw PPC out the window because of one or more worthless experiences.

      If I find a formula that with each $1.00 I spend turns into a $1.25-$1.50 …. I do it as often as possible!

      • http://www.poconosoutcallmassage.com Sandra

        If I used your formula I would be subjecting my partner & myself to developing country wages in the United States. Our business is customer service intensive. Yours could not possibly be.

        I am in the process of testing these avenues. They are proving to be costly. I will no longer use google ad words because it seems worthless for most service type geared companies, unless you are SEO. I am just letting my budget run out.

        Google ad sense turned out to be horrible as far as browsers are concerned. Empty template driven relatively contentless doorway page equivalent repetitive affliate crapola. My 2 cents.

        Of course no one here is like that.

        • Bmn1298

          The key to successful Internet marketing is to do a combination of a good SEO and PPC campaign together. It is can be very expensive to manage SEO and to find a company that does it well can be difficult. Also there is a big limitation on the amount of keyword searches you may show up for, but if done well can be very effective.

          The same with PPC. There are companies out there with technology that can make your PPC campaign run more effectively and efficiently. Being able to show up for the literally hundreds of different ways people will type in keywords to search for what you sell can be very effective and typically cheaper due to long-tail keywords.

          Try to budget for both in the future and find a compny that will do both for you effectively.

  • http://www.bikeshopcastlehill.com.au Home Solar Power Systems

    Good one for the publishers to increase their income

  • http://thepayperclickblogger.blogspot.com Steve

    I think the ad market is becoming like the oil market.

    Speculation and trending.

    I think people should read my blog.

    • Guest

      I think people should hack your blog and mess your content you spammer.

      I think this is good news for adsense publishers.

      • http://www.worldwatchreview.com/ worldwatchreview.com

        I hope they will do it good this time, because earnings are really starting to get horrible.

        • http://www.laokay.com Steve

          Make more sites.

          If we didn’t, we’d probably be making less than half what we are now.

  • http://northwestcarp.blogspot.com/2008/12/yateley-sandhurst-session-pt1.html Mark

    As a publisher I guess this is good news for me, I’m glad I don’t use google adwords though!.

  • http://www.marketappeal.co.uk/ Freelance SEO

    Pay higher content network CPC prices could end up being in AdWords interests if it mans that their network is added to better sites that previously shied away from AdSence due to it’s low payouts.

  • http://www.mmsdanmark.dk MMSseller

    As always someone has to pay the price, when someone else is about to make a s..load of money. This time the advertisers will pay the biggest part – if not the whole part of that amount.

    I really wish that the bigger companies would start being more responsible. We used to say “With power comes responsibility”, and most of the time what we see is that with power comes greed and hunger for more power.

    Google is becoming that now with their billion dollar business.

  • http://www.medlawplus.com Joe

    Just reinforces what I have thought for a long time about the net–content is king. The trend pushed by Google: publishers benefit while advertising get squeezed.

  • indoushosting.com

    This is a good news for Adsense Publishers! I too am tired of seeing certain cents in the account after putting in a lot of hard work…

  • http://www.adultasiadating.com/ Up Chuck

    I see this going down the path where they will eventually be grading the sites and tailoring the pay out according to some algorithm that only they can see and giving themselves and all their big fortune 5 buddies a fatter cut at the expense of the little guy, using some logic like it cost less to service bigger publishers than smaller ones, so the bigger publishers should be rewarded. You can see this in practice by the private branding deals and you know sites like the NY Times will demand more of the 65-35 pie and get it.

    Unfortunately right now it is the only real game in town, Kontera, AdBrite and Bidvertiser are jokes on the payouts. Until Bing Bing Bing Ricochet Rabbit comes out of the hat and really starts competing, it is what it is, like it or lump it. I

  • http://www.linkfromblog.com LinkFromBlog

    More competitive, mean higher bids prices and higher commission from each click. Not only adsense publishers will earn more, but also google and third-party vendors… as result higher expenditures for advertising, higher final prices for products or services, higher inflation.

  • http://www.acleaningbid.com Thomas Anthony

    Diversity options benefit both the advertiser and the publisher. As always Google benefits from both sides.

  • http://medianowonline.com/news yusuf kirmani

    Like others I too think that this is good development in favour of adsense users. But when they will launch in other parts of the world?

  • http://cheyennearcade.com Guest

    This remains to be seen. Google has made statements before that did not pan out. I am more pessimistic than most, but then I was one of those Adword customers that got ripped off by overcharges (still waiting for my class action settlement check too). What I think will likely happen, is the new fees will drive advertisers to other ad networks. WHen I had Adwords, Google overcharged me by several hundred dollars, so what’s to make them think Advertisers would be willing to pay “competitive” fees?

  • http://mygourmetguide.blogspot.com Jos


    Besides the inherent consequenses that this may have in terms of money, I feel that the most relevant part is the fact that advertisers and publishers will be more connected and will choose in a more efficient way where to advertise and what advertisers to run.



  • http://prince2.healthcheck-online.com Rene

    I DO notice an increase in my adsense income. My project management weblog has growing number of visitors and I earn much more per click.

    I think it is almost factor 2 more per click then a year ago. I’m not sure if it is only because of allowing other networks or that the euro account did the trick but hey…it works for me!

  • http://www.globespot.net/ GlobeSpot.Net Directory

    sounds very interesting and to be profitable, but future will show the truth

  • http://www.iwantgreatbuys.com Publisher

    I hope it increases earnings. So many clicks are paying 2 to 5 cents.

  • http://www.russianclub.com.au DimitriAU

    If Google

  • http://forexdate.com prad

    i don’t know is this good or bad…

    let say, i will get $50 more as a publisher…
    but, i will also spend $50 more as an advertiser…

    • Dan

      You’ll get $25 more as a publisher…
      but, will spend $75 more as an advertiser…

  • http://www.asdiary.com jangkrikjr

    Yup, hopely this new strategy will increase ours adsense revenue. We will see the result.

  • http://www.cholesterolcholestrol.com/cholesterol-management.html Donald of cholesterolcholestrol.com

    Although as a publisher I think it is high time we got paid more, the problem is, if the sales aren’t going up for the advertiser in line with the advertising costs, then that means their profits are going down.

    but, for the most part, what do they pay per click in comparison to what we get paid per click. How much is the Google take in this?

    If Google is making much more out of clicks on the cholesterol adverts they run on my site, then maybe they could be forcing the competition out, which ultimately will lower the payout to me.

    For example, for the terms related to cholesterol, I only get a small fraction of what Google appears to charge advertisers – perhaps 5 to 10%. I don’t actually know what the google take is, nor what the advertisers on my site are actually paying, but I do suspect my take is quite low.

    So, if I get a few cents extra, how much more is the advertiser really having to pay to have their ads run on my cholesterol management site? How much are their costs really rising? Is it reaching levels of unstainability?

    Anyone got any answers?

  • http://www.taxguru.in/ Sandeep

    What I would really like to know is whether this is going to effect both image and text ads or just image ads… I understand that showing one image to the next probably wont disturb anyone and it would be wise for publishers to opt in for this, but what about publishers who have used text ads to blend into their pages. Will new advertisers from alternative networks appear in the text only version of Google ads, or is this just for display advertising like the Google /Double click blend we already see.

  • http://www.hdvideoconvertermac.com/ HD Video Converter for Mac

    Maybe ist’s good for users.

  • http://siku-moja.blogspot.com collins

    thats welcoming news, i wish to make more from adsense as a publisher at the moment i feel used sometimes!

  • http://www.unluckylady.com Scopo

    I don’t think this will go over well in the current economic environment. All other things being equal, conversion is down and advertisers have been walking away from advertising at the current rates. An increase in rates will make the ROI even less attractive. I’m not saying that the publishers don’t deserve to be paid more, I’m saying few advertisers like myself will be willing to pay more.

    • Bob


  • http://www.thegroovie.com Randy

    Very nice news. Google will increase publisher income. Publisher also will get more benefit from this certified partners.

  • Guest


  • http://roshanjoshi.com.np Roshan Joshi

    i hope this will prove beneficial for both advertisers as well as the publishers. Advertisers won’t complain as long as they are getting the return for their value.

  • http://www.pullyourexbackfast.com Parminder

    Hi, thanks for posting this information. It is good news to know that publishers can get more money from google adsense. It should work out to both adwords and adsense to profit, though.

  • http://lcdtvwallmounts.org lcd tv wall mounts

    yes this is great news, i’m sure publisher will generate more revenue with Google-certified ad networks

  • Antony

    I’ve never been big on Adsense as a lot of my pages appear on Adwords. Why do I want to send visitors away to other sites that will earn me pennies?

    I’m probably missing some technique, but why do I want to put Adsense on Google’s suggested “Heatmap” spots?

    I’m selling something too. I know Google doesn’t favour affiliates anymore, but why lose a potential $100.00 commission for a 30 cent payout from Adsense?

    I’d prefer content of my own selection surrounding my offer.

    Many of the Adsense ads I see are ads that have too low a QS to show on Search — often for good reason!

    I know this won’t be a popular opinion.

  • http://www.tackletastic.com/ Fisher

    I used to advertise with google adwords, and I need 80-100 clicks to genurate one sale for an average purchase price of

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