Acquisition Rumors (Re)surround Facebook

    August 25, 2009

Facebook might soon be involved in another acquisition.  New analyses/rumors are swirling, anyway, with one person suggesting that Facebook should be bought, and another indicating that the social networking company could extend an offer to a smaller firm.

Scott MoritzLet’s start with the idea of Facebook itself getting acquired.  Scott Moritz, a senior writer at, appeared in a video this morning saying that both Google and Microsoft would be smart to acquire Facebook.  He then continued, "Yahoo really is the one, I think . . . it needs them the most."

Moritz supported his argument by saying that both Facebook and Yahoo act as destinations and sell ads, and that Yahoo would do well to receive traffic from Facebook.

As for the possibility that Facebook will go on the prowl, Michael Arrington discovered that Mark Zuckerberg recently updated his status update with the message "Spotify is so good."  Spotify is a music service similar to iLike, which MySpace is buying, so a move here would help Facebook keep pace.  Facebook and Spotify also happen to share an investor – Li Ka-shing.

Stay tuned, then, and we’ll be sure to report any movements on either front.