Accepting The New Facebook Design

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UPDATE: Clearly I suck. As many commenters have pointed out, 75% of Facebook users kept the new version. Still 60% didn’t even want to try the new version, so that still says a lot. Thanks to those who pointed out the error!


Let me ask you something. If you rolled out a new design for your web site and 75% of your site users told you they preferred the original design, would you:

a) Scrap the new design?

b) Ask your users to provide input on a better design?

c) Force the new design on them anyway?

If you’re a savvy business owner, you probably went with either a) or b) or perhaps both. If you happen to be the management at Facebook, you would have chosen c)…apparently:

To date, approximately 40 million, or 40 percent, of Facebook users have tried the beta version of the new site, which debuted in July. Of that group, 75 percent remained with the new version, according to the company.

As for the roughly 25 percent of Facebook users who did not continue with the beta version of the site, they’ll need to go along with the new redesign as it’s fully rolled out over the next few weeks–whether they like it or not.

You could argue that social networking users are always reluctant to change, but I would disagree. Yahoo just revealed a new version of Flickr and I love it.

What do you think? Will Facebook users eventually learn to love the new design, or has Facebook made a big error with the rollout of a new design that 75% of people hated?

PS. Keep in mind that 60% of Facebook users weren’t interested at all in a new design. ;-)



Accepting The New Facebook Design
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  • Estrella

    I tried the new facebook twice while it was still optional, and both times had to go back to the old facebook because I just couldn’t stand it. It is confusing and hard to find things, there’s a lot of blank space all over, and everything is off-center. What bothers me most is probably that the wall and the news field are now one, when I was never interested in the news but always wanted to see my wall and what was written on it.
    In my opinion, the new facebook is a failure. Mark Zuckerberg and his team should admit it and fix their mistakes.

    • Guest

      click ‘Posts by Others’ above the news feed to hide everything that wasnt written on your wall.

  • http://www.estrolli.info Gregory Falowo

    I truly love facebook and their strides in the collective intelligence arena. the new-look facebook is just th eonly initiative to date that i am uncomfortable with, it looks very… uncontrolled like evolution. it does not allow me recognize it as facebook.. it is simply a stranger with facebook clothes on

  • anonymous

    The apps don’t work as well

    They don’t show on the profile

    The chats turn on and off

    you have to click on everything to view information


    even if there is something good on it, we are satisfied with the old facebook, and the new facebook is crap. Waste of money and time

  • http://www.proxy-uno.info/ Proxy Comm

    I am NOT big fan of how FB changed their home page…I still have trouble navigating it (which is rare for me) and I don’t like the fact that I have to click all over the place to get to “recently updated” for my friends’ list…

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