A Million Facebookers Vote On New Layout

So far, 94 percent against it

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Yesterday, I wrote about apparent dissatisfaction with Facebook’s change in layout. A Facebook app designed to take a vote on the matter is proving to be popular, and so far, it’s not looking good for the redesign.

Yesterday afternoon, there were just around 400,000 votes cast. This morning, the count has reached nearly a million. The app has an attractive, easy, and straightforward interface, the top stating simply “Vote on the new Facebook layout,” and beneath two large buttons, one with a large thumb pointing up, another with a thumb pointing down.

Facebook Vote

So far the vote is incredibly lopsided as the app counts votes in real time. The vote as I write this: 942,624 votes against, 57,540 against. Presumably one registered member can only vote once. It appears to update about once every ten seconds, and after a couple of minutes of observation, it looks like the no votes come in at a rate of about 30-50 votes per refresh, compared to about 2-5 in favor.

At that rate, the votes against could reach a million by the end of the business day, likely sooner. The percentage as reported by TechCrunch this morning—94 percent against—has held steady till now.

The app also has a curious message at the top reading:

“Dear Facebook, we created this neutral and democratic vote because we love Facebook. Please stop trying to suppress the vote and the muffle the voice of your users who desperately want to be heard. Let us know you are listening; let us exercise our right to vote and to invite our friends too.”

At the time of publication, Facebook had not returned request for comment regarding whether it is suppressing user activism or whether the company will reconsider its redesign if enough Facebookers protest.


A Million Facebookers Vote On New Layout
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  • Guest

    It would appear the statement at the top is related to Facebook limiting invitations to the application to 2 per Facebook user. Interesting how they didn’t do that when we were complaining about application invites in the past! And incidentally, there is no such limit on other applications…

  • http://www.murderbydesign.com.au Angela Cockburn

    No link to a vote apparent on my – annoyingly redesigned – page.

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  • http://www.moonlily.com Donna Zelzer

    I suspect the people who like it are less likely to vote.

  • http://www.earringsforever.com EarRings

    Didn’t like the new home page either. I hope they switch it back to the old one and just improve that a bit.

  • http://www.firmalatter.dk Ejvind

    I suspect that number will go up, since it was a major mistake..

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    I’m typically on FaceBook to socially market my safety and security web site and I too, haven’t been happy with the new home page. I like to keep up with my friends birthdays and can’t seem to find a link to the calendar that keeps them all in one place. I’d like to see that feature return.

  • IR

    I deactivated my account when they first redesigned Facebook, not only because I didn’t like the new layout but also because users hadn’t been asked their opinion before they made that layout which was definitely not user-friendly… It’s a shame, Facebook was rather cool.

  • http://www.deswalsh.com Des Walsh

    One of my main uses for Facebook is to help manage a couple of groups and participate in other groups. I can’t figure out how to see my groups now.

  • http://creativityandinnovation.blogspot.com Sanjay Dalal

    But for now, there is an old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

    Remember, Facebook got popular as a platform without so much user feedback.

    Now that Facebook has millions of users, user feedback becomes paramount!

    One has to ask these questions:
    1. What feedback did Facebook product managers get from their users before they designed the new interface?
    2. Did Facebook get this right? Was this feedback accurate? Was it from a large base of users?
    3. Did Facebook design and deploy the new interface properly?

    What will Facebook do now?

    Can it go about face and go back to the old interface? This would make Facebook look rather pedestrian. It’s similar to Nintendo or Microsoft releasing their latest version of Wii or Xbox, and recalling it. But, this is software. So, Facebook can go back to the older version. Or better yet, create an intermediate version, rather fast, to please the larger majority of users.

    The longer Facebook takes to respond, the bigger this problem becomes. Facebook does not want this to become news on a Jay Leno or David Letterman for sure…

    • Jeremy

      Bear in mind that Facebook is “free”. Until you start paying for it, you have no say in whether or not their changes suit you! And threatening to close or de-activate your account will be your loss, as nothing out there compares to Facebook.

  • http://gd-zone.blogspot.com Gordon C. Cardona

    I understand that Facebook is a free service so far but it still needs to listen to us facebook users because, even if we don’t pay, it relies heavily on advertising. In other words, no users of facebook equals little or no advertising.

    Personally, I find the new FB layout rather confusing and hard to navigate. Moreover, getting to basic information (such as birthdays or requests) can be a long process. I will still use FB nonetheless but it was much easier before. Indeed, it is true that in these matters, keeping it simple is better!

  • http://www.nanorart.com Nanor

    HI there
    I really don’t like the new facebook. It has distroyed its fun with groups, friends and proper marketing. There are new methods that personally I would not be interested to see other people’s deep privacy, but market my work, my website, and share my thoughts and good friends and fun groups.
    Please facebook, could you go back the same way as you were last month?? (January). I loved you then, now I don’t. I’m dreading even to go on facebook it is confusing me a lot. Cheers, Nanor

  • http://www.annabelchaffer.com Annabel Chaffer

    Facebook might fail as people find the new facebook just too difficult to use.
    People are very fickle and if another social media comes on board that people like better they will leave Facebook.
    One can not understand why Facebook should want to loose custom in the present economic times. You would think that they would be fighting to keep their customers.
    They will also lose their advertisers as advertisers have to follow their markets where ever they go.
    Facebook should put it back as it was and they should apologies for the inconvenience that they have caused. and do their best to regain the trust that they are fast losing.

  • Ellie

    Last time facebook had a redesign it was done slowly with an option to change between the new and old versions which was useful for getting to grips with the new layout.

    I find all the moaning annoying. And obviously people who are against the new look will be more likely to vote than those of us who are not really bothered either way.

    I think their main mistake is 2 major lay-out redesigns in a short space of time. People are bound to get annoyed if it keeps changing as soon as they have got used to it. If they wanted these changes why weren’t they in the last redesign?

  • http://www.kleindevort.com/ MayorBrain

    the new facebook layout looks ok,i dont know why people complain about the navigation, i personally dont think its that difficult (although most of the important stuffs are now hidden under “more” e.g groups).
    I must admit, the new layout came as a shocker, i can’t remember being warned or informed

  • Daniel Williamson

    I honestly believe you have made a big mistake with the new layout if it isnt changed back shortly you can count me out 1 less facebook user along with many many other users all my friends and family are also willing to give up on you, so do what you think is best hope you are taking these comments into consideration!!!!

  • Kevin

    Join the “Facebook, Bring Back the Live Feed” group:


  • Guest

    The vote as I write this: 942,624 votes against, 57,540 against.


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