A Hole In The CNN/YouTube Debate Theory?

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Lack of control has been the prime argument against and for incorporating user-generated content into mainstream media and politics. One thing’s for certain: there are a-holes on all sides. But this might be taking that a bit literally.

Warning: If you were offended by the abbreviated expletive in the introduction, or associated innuendoes, DO NOT CONTINUE READING.

Somebody got the Democratic National Convention’s goat, see. That is what has been reported.

Democratic Presidential candidates held a debate last night, broadcast on both YouTube and CNN, where candidates were asked questions directly by citizens via the video-sharing site. It was lauded as an amazing step forward in both politics and the reach of user-generated content.

Today though, as 2800 Digg.com members have been sure to promote, someone reports that an obscene image slipped through the crack, and YouTube missed it. But, according to the same source, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and about 200,000 others did not.

A 1/24th of a second flash of Goatse, former bane of the Internet, appeared in the corner of a concerned citizen’s query video, a speed "just above the framerate threshold of television broadcasts."

If you don’t know what Goatse is, be happy, you’d rather not. But if you’re just kind of anal about these things, first go read FreeRepublic’s more medical description (which I shall not utter in mixed company) or go to the original source where you can see the real thing (but I wouldn’t if I were you).

One thing before you go, though. Many had theorized that this was a hoax, that this never happened. They’re probably right, as illustrated by the aforementioned, but unnamed, source’s contact page:

As is probably not very difficult to figure out, almost every single post is fake news.

Note: He did say "almost."

Indeed, Wonkette, who must feel like an ass for believing it, says it was bogus, and points to this YouTube video as proof. There is no Goatse there, unless my brown eyes are too slow to see it.

But it was an entertaining (and disgusting thought), and almost provided a big hole in the theory that Washington was really ready to intimately connect with its citizenry, no holes holds barred. 

A Hole In The CNN/YouTube Debate Theory?
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