A Great Story Of Making A Sale On Twitter

    March 3, 2009

Want to hear a great Internet marketing story? It has a very happy ending. Well, let’s not get ahead of the story.

You see it’s like this. We live in a world where everyone LOVES to talk and write about social media. They talk about how cool it is. They talk about the fun people they meet and have “relationships” with. They then tell you that it is the coolest thing in the world to have so many friends and to be so popular. Isn’t that great?!


Sure I guess but I rarely hear about any of the chumminess turning into business. I’m sure it happens but to what degree I don’t know. Check this story out though because it results in …….. a sale! Please excuse the vague references to the client. I swear this really happened. You can trust me. Remember, I’m Frank ;-).

It goes like this. A start-up company is trying to figure out how to get momentum on the sales side. They have created a great product that solves real world problems for organizations. If you want the details please let me know and I would be glad to tell you. Anyway, they decide to old school the sales efforts. Phone calls from lists and trade shows are given a shot. They start their SEO efforts but they want business now to help them look more attractive to the investment community.

At that point they decide to use Twitter. Using tools like Twollo and Power Twitter they find people who have similar interests and needs that their product can meet. They come across an industry blogger who does a review of their great product which leads to inquiries that ends in a ……drum roll please …… SALE!

What didn’t happen were cheap automated pitches or direct “Hi, how are you? I sell this. How many do you want?” Nope. They just found people of like mind, discovered their needs and helped them solve their problem. Now there is a renewed excitement about their sales efforts. There is also the realization that there are people out there looking for their solution that aren’t on a list and actually want to talk with people. It works. Try it.

FT Takeaway – Twitter and other social media should be considered revenue generating tools. Relationships are nice but can they pay your bills? You must be in it in a genuine way and you must look to solve people’s problems. That’s when it works. If you are a phony you will be found out so save us all the hassle and go make a cold call.