A Google Fashion Lesson

    January 6, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Nobody can say Google doesn’t have a sense of humor. But they might be able to say Google doesn’t have a sense of fashion. At least at the Google Store, they have something for everybody, like

The shameless redneck geek: Sport a combo of the Trailer Tee and the Google Trucker Cap, you can look uncool in two ways at once. (*Wink* at Search Views for beginning this journey in poor fashion for us.)

The Buss-a-Cap-In-Yo-Mama Geek: Google says, “Take you blogging to the streets” with their Blogger Fleece Hoodie. It’s fleece so you won’t catch cold while you’re getting your pasty butt curb-jumped. Pair it with the “Chill Fleece Gaitor Cap” with Google logo for even less street cred.

The Grape-Smugglin’ Cyclist Geek: I’d say pick up a pair of Google Bib Bike Shorts, but nobody looks good in these things. And GET OFF THE ROAD!

And finally

The Lame-Innuendo Geek: Be the guy at the party making crude geek sex jokes nobody gets. Grab an “I Google” tee-shirt. “Might as well admit it,” says Google. Um, eww. Get me a beer and try not to Google anything on the way back.