A Delicious New Add-On For IE

    June 22, 2008
    Chris Crum

Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer, and del.icio.us social bookmarking now have a new add-on to enjoy.

Nick Nguyen, senior product manager of del.icio.us announced on the del.icio.us blog the release of the "Delicious Bookmarks" add-on that brings with it features from the Firefox add-on, plus some new stuff.

The add-on was released in beta last month, but is now apparently finalized.

As noted in the initial announcement, features include:

– Near instantaneous searching with very large accounts (over 10K bookmarks)

– Full del.icio.us sidebar and toolbar implementation with bookmark sync and typedown search

– Toolbar indicators for new network activity and links for you

It’s compatible with Internet Explorer 6,7, and 8, on Vista as well as XP. It is not compatible however, with all users.

The announcement was met with a few complaints in the comments section of the blog.

One complaint is that it is not functional with the IE sidebar like the Firefox version.