35 Ways to Improve Your Online Video Performance

A Checklist for More Traffic and More Views

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There was an interesting session on online video at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) East, which WebProNews attended. The session was called "Video Search Marketing Beyond YouTube". The following tips come from a combination of presentations from that session from speakers: William Leake of Apogee Search, John McWeeny of TurnHere, and Eric Papczun of Performics.

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The tips are all aimed at making your online video efforts more successful by optimizing them for search engine performance and ultimately driving more views and traffic back to your site. So, here they are in no particular order:

1. Encode video files with good metadata like titles, dates, authors, descriptions and keywords.

2. Offer multiple formats (e.g. mov, mpeg, mp4, flv).

3.  Include keywords (and the word "video") in the filename.

4. On the page, follow general SEO principles for optimizing (title, meta, H1, etc. tags and URLs).

5. Include contextually related links to articles and other videos on the page.

6. Post captions and/or abstracts as additional relevant on-page content.

7. Use Unique URLs.

8. Use one video per URL.

9. Use embedded players rather than pop-ups or links to files.

10. Create nav links to the video content.

Place video files in one central directory called "videos" off the root of your folder structure.

12. Enable comments.

13. Include social bookmarking tools.

Social Bookmarking tools

14. Allow visitors to subscribe to your videos.

15. Let viewers grab your embed code – easily (with a link).

Remember internal linking (consider site-wide links in your page footer).

17. Distribute your video to the top video search sharing sites.

18. Include titles, descriptions & keywords on YouTube, etc.

19. Create a video site map with a mRSS feed.

20. Control associated page text to optimize for search engines.

21. Control the player (which may drive future video SEO).

22. Shorter videos are better.

23. Don’t spend a fortune.

24. Include end slates with URLs.

25. Drive people back to your site.

26. Thumbnail images matter.

Look for new opportunities for video placement (think about things like Google’s product search).

Videos in Product Search

28. Figure out what keyword phrase is most relevant (and winnable) for your video.

29. Look into including videos in Google Place Pages.

30. Set up a Google video XML sitemap.

31. Use tools like Tubemogul’s to optimize metadata across the major video sharing sites.

32. Track viewership.

33. Advertise with video via rich search ads with Google/Yahoo and YouTube promoted videos.

34. Make sure your videos live on your domain and use 3rd parties for distribution purposes.

35. Stay on top of technology changes and new standards.

Do you have additional tips for increasing your online video success? Share them with WebProNews readers.

35 Ways to Improve Your Online Video Performance
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  • http://twitter.com/restaurantd Restaurant Design

    Great information on ways to increase the video exposures on search engines. Many owners in the restaurant industry can use the help.

  • http://www.dotCOMReport.com adsense alternatives

    Thanks for sharing, these are great tips. I agree about shorter videos doing better. Viewers get bored so easy it’s better to get to the point quickly.

  • http://webnicheempire.com Drop Ship Websites

    Thanks for the solid ideas. Some I knew but others I didn’t!

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com Britt

    Fantastic tips! We frequently see clients come to us with concerns of not driving enough traffic to their YouTube channels. Many times, after analyzing their keywords and video content, the answer is quite apparent. It’s all wrong! These are some great tips though and I hope to share them with as many people as possible.

  • http://twitter.com/goutamsathia Goutam Sathia

    As a marketing consultant I see these tips a perfect guide for Social Media Practioners

  • http://www.mouse-mat.com Mouse

    Wow there is some fantastic info here Chris. Thanks

  • http://www.dacou.com.au Aboriginal art

    I webmaster an aboriginal art website, we are about to get into more video and this article talks about having a video folder on our domain. I thought I was ok just using vimeo or youtube for hosting and streaming all our videos? Should all my video be local??

    • http://www.income-from-home-network.com Income From Home Network

      On one hand, hosting your videos on YouTube & streaming it from there will give your video extra credibility on YouTube. On the other hand, by streaming videos from YouTube through your site you run the risk of a reader clicking onto the YouTube logo and getting distracted. You’ll just have to weigh your options based on what your overall goals are for your videos and your site.

    • http://www.hovercraftcentral.com Daniel Drouillard

      You should consider the use of links within a video or a video that, when it ends, automatically redirects the viewer to another webpage.

      For example, you might want some people to go to a sales page to support aboriginal artists by purchasing aboriginal art. You could put a clickable link into the video for users to click on to go to the sales page. However, you can best do this on your own site.

      You could also make the video automatically change webpages when the video ends, so that the viewer will go to the sales page to buy the artwork automatically. Such an automatic redirect is not available on most video sharing sites such as YouTube.

      Also consider not using the entire video on sites like YouTube. Instead use only part of the video and include a link to your own site (that has an automatically redirecting video) to drive sales for aboriginal support.

  • http://www.panic-attackstreatment.com Paul (from Panic Attacks Treatment Blog)

    I tell you what, Brian: these are awesome tips. It’s like a complete mini-manual.

    I’ve started recently to seek guidance online on how to do video marketing in an effective way. Thanks a lot for this.


  • http://www.legalmalpracticeinsuranceservices.com Cary W. White

    We have just shot our second video and are now putting them up on our sites. This could not be more timely.

  • http://www.billigvoks.dk Heidar

    Thank you for sharing these tips . Lovely ideas

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    You appear to have missed out something on your list. If you have the technical know how always embed your site URL to run through the video.when it is just at the end and a derivative is made from the video you lose advertising to your site.A very simple to use program for this is Ease123 Video Watermarker which comes with a free trial. I have no connection or affiliation to this company.

  • http://pizzatherapy.com Albert Grande

    This is an incredible srticle to assist with video marketing. I currently have a video with over 200,000 views on YouTube. These tips just boosted my views even more. I never thought about using video in the title, but that makes so much sense! Thanks.
    albert grande

  • http://www.acomputerportal.com/videos_to_watch_video_publishing.html Videos to Watch and Video Publishing

    Lots of sites and lots of video’s. Users love watching videos but they can take a lot of watching before any Return on Investment is made.

    Remember Google’s Universal Search will help improve results.

  • http://www.seoshop.org seo

    Chris,thank you very much for sharing these.

  • http://www.johnreynoldsmedia.com John

    Well done Chris… Great efforts.. Now, if WebPro news wants to do something else, what about Googles ‘200 factors’ they say they use when ranking a website? We often (and only) hear about Keywords & phrases and Links.. but what about the other 198??

    Someone must have an idea about these but you hardly ever read about them?
    What about a collective effort by webmasters to go through some of these? We have all learnt a few more, we could share/contribute etc

    Leave it with you.. keep up the good work



  • http://mtf-makingextramoneyonline.blogspot.com/ CashcrateReview

    Being new to this video promoting..I understood most of the points, but sure would appreciate a little more info on this part of your posting..19. Create a video site map with a mRSS feed.


  • http://www.health-infotips.com jimi@health-articles

    This is a great topic about improving video performances. Video is definitely an important tool for Internet Marketing which can drive loads of traffics. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

  • http://www.compell.dk Michael

    Perfect check list!

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