3-D Mouse/Controller Brings Wii-Type Gaming to the PC

    January 26, 2009
    Chris Crum

CyWee is a Chinese company that was founded about a year and a half ago. They create both hardware and software, and most recently have announced the CyWee Z.

The CyWee Z at first glance will probably make you think about a Wiimote, the controller for the Nintendo Wii gaming console. You would not be far off. The CyWee Z can be used with a PC by plugging it into a wireless USB key, and then basically using it to navigate like you would with a Wiimote.

Introducing ... the CyWee Z!

The device can be used for both gaming and non-gaming purposes. It can essentially be used as a mouse, although to be honest, I have a hard time picturing myself using it for that. A post on the CyWee Blog talks about the Z:

As a gaming device, it leverages the power and flexibility of the PC and the Internet to process the gaming content.  The advantage of the Z is that the traditional gaming console is no longer required which lowers the cost of entry and choice limitations of console-specific games.  As a wireless 3-D mouse it frees the user from the confines of a chair and desk, allowing computer navigation in 3-D space.

In addition to the standard three-axis accelerometer that is necessary in any space-motion sensor, the CyWee Z is the first of its kind that has a built-in two-axis gyroscope, which allows for a true one-to-one response for any body movement.  This technology redefines how games can be played, making the digital experience more real and interactive.

Our own Mike McDonald got to see it in action at the Consumer Electronics Show recently, and you can view the product being demonstrated in this video:

The CyWee Z is bundled with three PC games: Virtua Tennis 3 by SEGA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 by EA Sports, and “Crashday” by Atari. It also has a a Software Developer Kit. The device sells for about US$120.