’25 Things’ The Latest Trend On Facebook

    February 12, 2009

Facebook’s popular “25 Things About Me” meme  has gone viral and has even hit mainstream media (it’s in Time Magazine!). And since you have to have a Facebook account to participate, this simple request has driven a lot of new signups and traffic to the site.

Here’s how it works: you write 25 facts about yourself, post it on Facebook, and tag your Facebook friends so they could fill out 25 random things about themselves. Have you done it yet? If you don’t know how to tag someone, you learn.

It ended up being big – as in about 5 million of these have been written in just one week big. As a result we know far more about the minutia of each other’s lives than we ever did. I’ve known my cousin since we were born and I learned new trivia about her from this meme.

Sometimes in a complex world it’s refreshing when something so simple works so well. The universal appeal is that there’s a bit of peer pressure to do it since all of your friends are, and it’s not complex.

Compete.com says as a result of this meme: 60 percent more Facebook profiles were created in January than in December. Since it uses the “notes” feature, Compete says notes has gotten 4X the attention. And Facebook didn’t even start it.

25 is too many. So if everyone who reads this will please post 15random facts about themselves, we’ll get the Marketing Pilgrim meme going right away.