20,000 Sources Added to Google News in a Year’s Time

    February 27, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google News has apparently grown from using 4,500 sources to 25,000 sources over the course of a year. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable noticed that the number below the search box on the Google News homepage has grown pretty significantly.

Google News sources

"I do not know when Google changed that number, but I believe it was some time in the recent past," he admits, but nobody else seems to be able to pin down when the change occurred either.

Either way the number has grown over 20,000 over a year’s time, and that is pretty significant. The interesting part to me is that just this week, Google announced that in the US, AdWords would now be regularly appearing in Google News search results.

Ads on Google News search results

Did Google decide to go forward with this because of the number of sources or was the number of sources boosted to increase results to accompany ads? Perhaps the two aren’t related at all, but it’s certainly something to ponder.

Another thing to ponder that Schwartz mentions himself is whether or not the quality of Google News will suffer as a result of adding 20,000 sources. That will depend on the quality of the sources themselves. I wouldn’t mind seeing the list (though it would take a while to wade through).